Synergy of Serra Joins Matic’s Build-n-Earn Program

Synergy of Serra Joins Matic's Build-n-Earn Program

At points, I’ve come across interesting ideas on how to incentivize people or entities to do what you want, and one of these is Matic’s Build-n-Earn program.

Developers are incentivized to build quality products on Matic and reap the benefits of the predictable recurring cash flow during the development stage. Any DApp can join and exposure can be high, as Build-n-Earn evolves Ethereum, Matic, and Gitcoin.

Also: Read the interview with Julian Sakowski, Founder of Synergy of Serra.

Synergy of Serra Joins Matic’s Build-n-Earn Program

Synergy of Serra offers 5x Transcendent Set Crates & 10x Base Set Crates to everyone who contributes any amount above $1.

To participate in the Build-n-Earn program, all you need is a Github account (Gitcoin) and at least 1$ in your wallet, it can be DAI, ETH, or another cryptocurrency. After the successful contribution, you are eligible for the extra crates paid by Matic.

Join the event by following this link.

Don’t forget to comment your SoS account or address below your contribution to receive the rewards. For the record, the crates cost 20$ if you buy them from the Synergy of Serra website.

What is Synergy of Serra?

SoS is a new game genre that combines classic card games with Deck Building on the fly. Every player starts with 90 cards for free and win various rewards through the seasonal ranked games, thus, Synergy of Serra can be described as a Play to Earn game.

In contrast to other card games, SoS focuses on the Skill-to-Win aspect, allowing players with lower quallity cards to win an opponent through the correct strategy.

Under development on the Matic Chain, the game has no entry barrier as you can sign-up with your email and password while we expect the same seamless experience when trading assets in the game’s marketplace.

Notice: This is not investment advice and we do not encourage you to spend your money. Always do your own research and make adult-based decisions.