The New Axie Infinity Marketplace Update

The New Axie Infinity Marketplace Update

Axie Infinity, the game that brought blockchain gaming to the surface, enters the next phase and updates its marketplace with a flurry of upgrades and a brand new name!

From now on, the Axie Infinity marketplace will be called app.axie. As they say, it will transform the marketplace into an even more powerful hub for boosting economic activity and onboarding their growing digital nation.

Upgrades & Updates

Firstly, Axie Infinity changed the homepage, adding more engagement and economic activity stats. Secondly, they added a new games section. This addition was made to ensure that future games will be supported by the new Axie Infinity marketplace. Over time they will flesh this section out to act as a portal into Origin, Land, Builder Program games, and more!

Another important addition will be recessive genes. Recessive genes are something the community was waiting for Sky Mavis to add in the past few years. This feature will help ensure that the next generation of breeders can access all the info they need while planning their bloodlines.

New tags for collectible axies we also announced! Sky Mavis added new tags to and icons to collectibles axies, with Summer, Xmas, and Japanese axies getting their own tags!

Lastly, the Axie Infinity marketplace will have a new updated, and upgraded listing UI to make the experience of selling an axie NFT easier to perform and understand.