The Sandbox Raised $2M Investment

the sandbox raises money

The upcoming virtual world on Ethereum network “The Sandbox” raised $2.01 Million in Q3 2019 through Animoca’s Brand subsidiary TSD Gaming Ltd. The investment went public two days ago due to concerns highlighted by the Australian stock exchange.

TSB had previously raised $2.5 Million reaching a total of $4.51 Million. In the latest funding round Square Enix, True Global Venture, Mindfulness Capital, and B Cryptos participated.

The Sandbox has become popular among the blockchain gaming community with incredible creations through the VoxEdit. Two land LAND presales have been completed so far and both were sold-out. Furthermore, a third LAND presale is coming on 31 of March.

Meanwhile, games using blockchain are no longer in their infancy and are gradually coming to represent a more significant presence. Rather than treating blockchain gaming as an opportunity for speculative investment, we believe establishing whether it is capable of bringing something new to our customers’ gaming experiences will be the key to growth.”

Yosuke Matsuda CEO of Square Enix

About The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual world on the blockchain where players can own and monetize land parcels in the form of tokenized assets (NFTs). Create your own gaming experiences, build up sceneries and items and why not participate in the $2M creators fund?

Sand is the primary currency for TSB, an ERC20 utility token used for transacting and interacting with other players, including the marketplace. The total supply is 3,000,000,000 SAND.

TSB is still under development but many features such as VoxEdit are available for the users. The game is expected to launch in the second half of 2020. Creators aim to develop a user-generated world with numerous opportunities and most importantly fun.

Blockchain is a great fit for gaming, but if the game itself does not entertain the players, it’s doomed to fail. TSB has three main pillars, the VoxEdit which allows players to create in-game items, the Marketplace for secured p2p trading and the and the Game Maker tool to build complete interactive games on any owned LAND.

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