The Sandbox Reduces The Carbon Imprint of NFTs by 99% & Boosts Afforestation 

Sandbox, Now, Reducing The Carbon Imprint of NFTs by 99% And Boosting Afforestation.

“The Sandbox is switching to Polygon’s Layer 2, which reduces the carbon impressions by 99%. Also, it’s partnering with famous startups Offsetra and Nori and working with WeForest to regrow forests across the globe.”

The popular blockchain-based virtual world, The Sandbox, teamed up with Polygon to promote eco-friendly technological solutions that use 100X less energy than Ethereum. Sandbox uses the carbon removals through the blockchain systems such as Offsetra and Nora to reverse carbon credits. The carbon footprints associated with the Sandbox approximately equals 350 tonnes of CO2 along with the acquired carbon credits. Additionally, the Sandbox purchased over 200 tonnes of CO2 from Offsetra. Also, Sandbox recently collaborated with Weforest to regrow forests in Ethiopia, Zambia, and Brazil. It stated that it would collaborate with more nature protection charities to make a real impact globally. At the same time, Sandbox allows the Artist Fund artists to monetize their NFTs via its recently launched beta in the marketplace. 

Integration of Polygon

The Sandbox provides the best gaming experience to users without harming the environment using nature-friendly technical solutions. Switching to Polygon’s layer two solutions is strong proof of Sandbox’s commitment to producing nature-friendly solutions. Based on professionals’ estimates, the colossal PoW(Proof of Work) blockchains consume 35 to 140 TWh of electricity per year and continuously draw 3 to 15 GW of electricity. Usually, 1 GW power 300,000 homes. Just imagine how much energy it’s consuming daily. 

In comparison, Polygon’s Layer 2 validators consume 0.00079 TWh of electricity per year, continuously drawing 0.00009 GW. This proves that switching to Polygon’s Layer 2 is a 100% nature-friendly option. 

Sandbox decided to integrate Polygon for the VoxEdit NFT builder to build robust voxel game assets. However, one can even form businesses, buy and sell assets. Now, selling any NFT such as Assets, land, etc., uses less energy when compared to streaming a 3-hour long film or doing 30 google searches. Using Polygon’s technology, NFT minting generates less than 1% carbon emission than the standard Ethereum blockchain platforms. 

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Regrowing Forests With WeForest 

WeForest is one of the reputed tree-growing charities. Sandbox announced that it’s collaborating with the WeForest team to regrow forests across the globe. Earlier, in 2014, Sandbox and WeForest collaborated and planted over 9000 Mangrove trees in Madagascar. Additionally, the Sandbox team committed to donating 1% of its virtual Land proceeds sales in 2021 to regrow forests in selected areas. 

The Sandbox announced a few brands involved in protecting the environment, including ATARI, deadmau5, Richie Hawtin, Zepeto, The Smurfs, Square Enix, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Shaun The Sheep, RTFKT, Care Bears, Binance, Coin Market Cap, Gemini, Avenged Sevenfold, Old Skull Games, CryptoKitties, and other 100 popular brands.