Virtual City Builder Paid $4,500,000 to Players Goes DeFi with $MEGA Token

Virtual City Builder Paid ,500,000 to Players Goes DeFi with $MEGA Token

In Brief

  • MegaCryptoPolis dApp game paid out more than $4.5 Million to its players since 2018
  • The first native ERC-20 $MEGA Token launch scheduled for October 28 at 2 PM UTC
  • No reserve held for the team, not an ICO or an offering – players yield the $MEGA Token playing the game

MCP3D (MegaCryptoPolis 3D) is the decentralized city builder game with all the  logic built entirely on smart contracts. Every asset in the game (a land plot, a building or a district etc.) is a cryptographically unique NFT (non-fungible token) owned by a player as securely stored in a digital wallet. Game assets can be freely traded on internal marketplace or external exchanges.

Players acquire land plots and construct buildings to produce Resources required by other buildings to operate or collect cryptocurrency from the in-game Funds. As of October 26, 2020 players had withdrawn 8’000 ETH and 45 Million TRX (over $4’500’000) from the game smart contracts and around $400’000 is available in the Funds. 

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There are several different ways on how to play the game – one may be a manufacturer, a district governor, a corporation owner, a trader, tornadoes hunter, etc.

MCP3D gaming map is divided into Districts, each containing from 500 to 1500 land plots. Players acquire  Land Plots  to construct Buildings that can be sold on the market or used to Resources. Resources are required by buildings to operate. Starting from 2 PM UTC October 28 players will be able to convert Resources to $MEGA Token. $MEGA can be added to liquidity pools (like UniSwap) and freely traded. $MEGA can be used to receive any Resource in the game, aside from many other use-cases described in the Token Paper.

When someone produces a resource or purchases a land plot a part of TRX is automatically transferred to the district owner’s wallet. Districts are the most expensive game asset and can provide a passive income. Districts are initially distributed on auctions (starting from 200 000 TRX). All the Districts on Ethereum network are sold out (starting from 5 ETH) and trading for up to 75 ETH ($25’000) on the secondary market now. District owners receive a part of TRX from every player on its territory. The first District owner collected over 1’450’000 TRX in proceeds from actions on its territory.

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The cheapest land plot in the game starts from $5-8 and can reach anything up to $5’000-7’000 depending on a building that is constructed on it.

Building Types

Each building has its roles and functions depending on the type:

  • Offices allow Citizens to earn TRX on a daily basis.
  • Residential buildings produce Citizens that are required to maintain operations in other buildings.
  • Commercial buildings help Citizens restore their Stamina.
  • Municipal buildings receive TRX from insurance funds in a case of natural disaster.
  • Industrial produce basic materials required to construct new buildings.
  • Production buildings make complex materials required to upgrade buildings.
  • Energy buildings constructed near resource spots produce Electricity and Water that are required for other buildings to operate.

Every building on a gaming building influences other buildings constructed around. That said, a Residential building constructed near the Office will have better results than constructed near the Production or Industrial facility. Location, location and location are the main factors to determine the value of a  land plot in the decentralized city.

Hardcoded Price Growth

When someone claims a spare land plot on the gaming map, there are then two major events that will follow:

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  1. Part of the price paid to acquire a land plot goes to the surrounding landowners that are situated within a 7×7 field radius.
  2. Every land plot sold will raise the price of the surrounding 24 blocks within a 7×7 field radius.

The last land plots in a 7×7 radius may cost up to 10X higher than the first one.

$MEGA Token

Total supply of $MEGA Token is limited – there will be only 1 Million $MEGA on each chain. There’s no Mint() or Burn() functions in the smart contract – so, no new $MEGA Tokens will be created, ever. 

All the $MEGA Tokens will be initially allocated in the Vault. Players will be able to receive $MEGA Token from the Vault by depositing Resources to the Vault. The less $MEGA Tokens left in the Vault, the more Resources will be required to receive the same amount of $MEGA from the Vault.

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Resources locked in the Vault could be released by any player using $MEGA Tokens. The more Resources is deposited to the Vault the less $MEGA is required to receive the same amount of Resources from the Vault.

Each Resource has its own price on the market. Actual deal prices and trading volumes are available in so-called “MCP Times” newspaper that works just like a block explorer for all the game assets:

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How to use $MEGA?

$MEGA Token has several use-cases:

1) Yield

Play the game to get $MEGA:

  • Lock Resources in the Vault to get $MEGA
  • Exchange one Resource to another on a single chain

(swap Wood to Sand on Ethereum)

  • Release Resources from the Vault using $MEGA

2) Transfer Value

Transfer Resources between networks using $MEGA:

  • Swap any Resource to $MEGA on Ethereum
  • Exchange $MEGA on Ethereum to $MEGA on TRON
  • Swap $MEGA to any Resource on TRON

3) Manage a Corporation

$MEGA Token can be received as a reward for managing a Corporation.

4) Govern a District

$MEGA Token can be received as a tax from Corporations operations in a District by a District owner.

5) $MEGA Token can be used as a storage of value (to HODL).

A player may operate liquidity mining operations for the $MEGA Token to earn fees providing liquidity by adding $MEGA to pools on UniSwap (Ethereum) or JustSwap (TRON Network).

How to get $MEGA?

$MEGA Token can be received by staking Resources in the MCP3D game. Resources can be produced in a building, purchased on the in-game market or acquired in Packs from the official store (only 5892 Packs left). 

Players will be able to acquire $MEGA from the in-game vault and liquidity pools (UniSwap, JustSwap) starting October 28 2 PM UTC.

Official website: