Blockchain Gaming Digest 2 – 8 March

Welcome to another blockchain gaming digest. Here are some of this week’s news and a brief description.

Mini-Game in Forgotten Artifacts by Kriptomat, and MakerDAO

To celebrate the listing of DAI on Kriptomat platform a special mini-game is available in Forgotten Artifacts.

Try it today and start your play to earn experience.

Rhovit and ChainX Listing Event

The Rbit Token will get listed on the ChainX exchange. To celebrate, the Rhovit platform will host a listing event where you can buy Rbits with significant discounts and claim tech products as prizes.

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Hunters of Rio Open Beta is Live

The second blockchain-based Minecraft server after EnjinCraft has opened its gates. The “Hunters of Rio” by Reewardio is open in beta and everyone can play.

Join The The Dragon Hunt Even

The SandBox $20,000 VoxEdit Creation Contest

the sandbox new dashboard is live

Create a voxel asset from the specific guidelines, for a chance to win a share of the $20,000 prize pool! SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Monday, March 30th.

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My Crypto Heroes number of users exceeded to 100,000

My crypto Heroes blockchain game
My crypto Heroes blockchain game

On Feb 29th 2020, My Crypto Heroes achieved 100,000 users. This is a big milestone for MCH coming after the market drop due to Brave Frontier Heroes launch.

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Join The Dark Country Survey

Dark Country is launching a survey across the blockchain gaming audience. Each participant will get an NFT bonus!

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Chainbreakers is Looking For a New Team

Things have been tough lately for the Chainbreakers team so they decided to hand over the game through an auction starting from March 30th. The main focus of the team is to ensure that Chainbreakers stays on Ethereum.

The Prospectors Big Update Countdown

Buildings update and repair, workers energy, and new buildings addition find out what’s new with Prospectors

Crypto Dozer Turns One!

CryptoDozer turns one year old and is celebrating with a ranking event featuring prizes for the top 365 players of the month.

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Light Trial Rush Beta Coming Next Week

The beta release is coming next week in the arcade-style 3D space flight blockchain game. Light Trail Rush is a special brawl racing game. Lead the way and create your own track!

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$100,000 NFT’s in The Mega Cryptopolis TRON Version

MegaCryptopolis Artwork
MegaCryptopolis Artwork

The TRON Rewards Campaign with $100,000 worth of in-game assets ends on March 24th. Did you know that TRON will have its own gaming map that includes districts and resources?

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Horizon Raised $5 Million

Blockchain gaming company Horizon which develops the popular TCG game SkyWeaver raised an additional $5 million in a round led by Initialized Capital.

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