What Is Waves Ducks?

What is Waves Ducks

Waves Ducks is a digital gamified collectibles and staking platform with upcoming play-to-earn elements where players have to acquire duck images in the form of NFTs. The platform allows players to breed ducks, sell them on the marketplace, as well as farm EGG tokens.

The EGG token is the in-game currency of Waves Ducks that can be swapped to hatch genesis ducks. Players can then breed genesis ducks to get a rare one. These ducks can be sold in secondary markets and can earn players passive income through farming EGG tokens.

A growing interest in Waves Ducks has created lots of trading volume on its NFT marketplace. Waves Ducks is in the top 10 among NFT marketplaces with a volume of $2.384M in the last 7 days. $312,581 has been traded on its marketplace in the last 24 hours.

The most expensive duck sold on Waves Ducks marketplace was 1000 waves ($24,210)

EGG Token

To begin playing Waves Ducks, first you will need to get some EGG tokens. There are two ways to acquire EGG tokens:

  • Get EGGS for free: Sign-up for a Waves account and join the official Waves Ducks Telegram to participate in community events and receive free EGG tokens.
  • Swap WAVES for EGGs: You will have to purchase some Waves and then swap them for EGG tokens on swop.fi.

Earn Passive Income

You can farm EGGs by acquiring a “perch” for 1 EGG through the game’s My Farm section. Once a matching duck is put on the perch, it will start to produce EGGs. A counter below will display the number of EGGs produced.

Over 1500 farms have been created since May. Farm owners received more than 287% APY on their investments. To allow everyone to benefit from the farming feature, Waves Ducks launched a system of collective farms where you can start making a passive income with as little as 0.01 EGG.

Collective farms are managed by trustworthy people in the community. Players can buy shares in farms using their EGG tokens. Managers use the funding to build a farm, buy ducks, build perches, etc. Income from the farm is distributed to managers and shareholders.

With collective farming, Waves Ducks annual income can reach over 300% as more investors get on board.

Waves Ducks NFTs

Each duck NFT has its own rarity that is determined by its genotype consisting of 8 letters. A duck’s value depends on its rarity, so the higher the rarity, the higher the farming rewards it can yield.

The first 8 letters are responsible for the duck’s appearance:

  • А – elon
  • B – satoshi
  • C – doge
  • D – bogdanoff
  • E – chad
  • F – harold

Example: a combination of letters containing “A” might have its head from Elon, “B” might give eyebrows of Satoshi, and so on.

The first letter after the dash determines duck’s generation:

  • H – hero
  • I – ideal
  • K – knight
  • L – lord
  • M – magical

A newly born duck will have the lowest generation G. Breeding two ducks of a lower level of rarity will create a duck with a higher rarity. But breeding two ducks of a higher level of rarity is not allowed. Also, you can only breed a duck once, after which they become “sterile”.

The second letter after the dash would determine the duck’s background color:

  • R – stands for red
  • Y – for yellow
  • G – for green
  • B – for blue

Background colors have a significance because it has to match with the color of perch for successful farming.