$20 in ETH For Everyone by Gods Unchained

how to send splinterlands packs and cards to other users blockchain game For a limited time, the popular TCG blockchain game Gods Unchained offers  in ETH for everyone that completes a few simple missions.

For a limited time, the popular TCG blockchain game Gods Unchained offers $20 in ETH for everyone that completes a few simple missions.

Gods Unchained teamed up with Coinbase to offer new and existing players the best play to earn experience to begin their blockchain gaming journey called Stay. Play. Get Paid.

This adventure comes in a difficult period due to the pandemic and provides users an excellent reason to Stay home, Play Gods Unchained, and Get Paid to monetize their free time.

Follow simple steps and claim Your Free $20 in ETH.

Step 1 Create a Gods Unchained Account

Visit the Gods Unchained homepage and click play now for free. Complete the Sign-Up form and download the game.

Step 2 Create And Link A Coinbase Account

Visit Coinbase and create your account for free. If you already have a Coinbase account, you can immediately visit the Gods Unchained Stay Play Get Paid page and link your account.

To find your Coinbase address, go to Settings, click Crypto, and select Ethereum. Please note that you need an Ethereum Wallet to play Gods Unchained, and Coinbase works only for this specific event. At Coinbase, you will obtain only your free $20 ETH. Coinbase might require several days to verify your account. You can continue with your missions while waiting.

Visit Coinbase

Step 3 Link a Crypto Wallet to Your Account

An Ethereum based wallet like Metamask is necessary to play Gods Unchained. Here is where you store your digital assets (NFT’s) and claim rewards. Visit Metamask and create an account and link it to Gods Unchained. You can link your existing account if you already have one.

Step 4 Subscribe to Their Mailing List

Subscribe to the Gods Unchained mailing list and get notified for news about the game and exclusive competitions.

Subscribe Here

Step 5 Build a Custom Deck in The Workshop

The game provides to all new users enough cards to build a custom deck right from the beginning. The more you level up by competing in Ranked battles, the more cards you will unlock. 

The only way to build a deck in the game is at the Workshop. Log in to the game launcher, click the Workshop button at the top of the launcher, and then click Create a Deck. Choose one of the available Gods, and then choose 30 of the available cards to build your deck. Each God provides a different set of unique cards. 

Step 6 Play A Ranked Game With a Custom Deck

Go to the Arena section of the launcher, click on the Ranked game mode, choose your custom Deck, and click play to phase your first opponent.

If you haven’t any experience with Gods Unchained or TCG games, you can practice at solo modes before entering a ranked battle.

Step 7 Play 1 Ranked Game on 5 Different Days

To complete this step, you simply have to play one Ranked game per day for five days. This step doesn’t require winning those battles or having to keep up in consecutive days. No matter winning or losing, you just have to face other players in Ranked battles for five days during the period of the event.

Step 8 Win 7 Ranked Games

The final step requires you to achieve seven wins in Ranked Battles. This step might sound tricky to newcomers, but you will realize that anyone can achieve this once you try the game. 

First of all, the game matches you with opponents with similar stats to you, so the battles are equal. Besides, once again, these don’t have to be consecutive wins, so you don’t have to worry about losing.

Extra Payments to Refer Your Friends

Earn an extra $5 in ETH for every successful sign-up using your unique link. Referrals are not part of the steps of the event and only provide extra earnings. If you have successfully completed all the above eight steps, then you are eligible for the rewards.