7,000 MetaMask Users’ Emails Leaked in Third-Party Hack

7,000 MetaMask Users' Emails Leaked in Third-Party Hack

Sadly, a security breach in a third-party provider has exposed 7,000 MetaMask users’ email addresses, ultimately uncovering private information such as economic or financial informationnamesurnamedate of birthphone number, and postal address.

What happened?

According to Consensys, the attackers got their hands on many MetaMask users’ email addresses. MetaMask has confirmed that no other personal information or passwords were affected, so that’s a relief!

So get this, a third-party company that handles customer support tickets for ConsenSys had a bit of a cyber-security snafu. Turns out, some shady characters managed to break into the third-party service provider’s system.

Metamask reached out to all the peeps whose email addresses were exposed. So, if you’re one of the unlucky ones, you should’ve got a heads-up from them by now.

Now, if you’re part of the unfortunate 7,000, here’s what you gotta do. First up, be super-duper cautious with any emails you get, alright? Watch out for those slimy phishing attempts – the emails that look legit but are actually from some no-good scammer trying to snatch your info. Plus, using a unique email for each service you sign up for is a good idea. This way, if one bites the dust, your other accounts are still safe and sound.