Aavegotchi Bid-to-Earn Auctions Starting On July 15

Bid-to-Earn Auctions

Avegotchi bid-to-earn auctions will be starting from July 15, 2021, on Polygon, and the first “Wearables Auction” opens at 2 PM UTC on the same day. There will be a 72-hour window for placing bids before the auction closes on July 18, 2021, at 2 PM UTC. 

In traditional auctions, only one person (winner of the auction) benefits. But in this bid-to-earn auction, you can earn a certain percentage on your original bid even if your bid doesn’t win the auction. You will get GHST tokens if you have placed a bid and it gets outbid by another buyer.

There are some limits on earnings for the first auction. You can earn a payout of a minimum of 1%, and a maximum of 10% on your original bid. For example, a bid of 1500 GHST can earn you a minimum of 15 GHST and a maximum of 150 GHST.

There is no minimum for bids in this auction, you even can place a bid as low as 1 GHST.

What’s In The Auction

This auction features items that can be used to modify at least one of the four Aavegotchi’s personality traits: Energy, Aggression, Spookiness, and Brain Size. Equipping important traits will enhance the level of rarity of an Aavegotchi.

Items include:

Gamer Set:

  • UNCOMMON: Game Controller (500) NRG +1, AGG +1
  • RARE: Gamer Jacket (250) NRG +1, AGG +2
  • MYTHICAL: VR Headset (50) NRG +2, AGG +3

Steampunk Set:

  • UNCOMMON: Steampunk Trousers (500) SPK +2
  • RARE: Steampunk Goggles (250) SPK +3
  • LEGENDARY: Mechanical Claw (100) AGG+2, SPK +2


  •  (1000) Gotchi Mugs NRG +1

How To Participate In Aavegotchi Bid-to-Earn Auction

  • Go to the Aavegotchi Aauction House
  • Click into the Bid Page for an auction you would like to participate in and place your bids
  • If you are outbid then you will receive some GHST tokens
  • If you win the auction, click the “Claim NFT” button that will appear on your My Bids page to receive the NFT in your wallet. 

For more information join Aavegotchi Discord.