Adidas /// Studio Debuts Web3 Digital Art Residency Program

Adidas /// Studio Debuts Web3 Digital Art Residency Program

Adidas /// Studio, reflecting its deep commitment to art, culture, and digital progression, recently unveiled ‘RESIDENCY by Adidas.’ As their initial foray into the Web3 sphere, RESIDENCY offers a unique digital artist residency program.

This initiative is set to feature a rich mix of digital artists worldwide, bridging both online and offline worlds through artistic collaboration.

Spotlight on Selected Artists

The Adidas /// Studio proudly presents two handpicked artists for their first RESIDENCY edition: MONKEEMOTO and DearNostalgia. These artists, chosen for their distinct and diverse creative insights, epitomize the very spirit of the brand’s new RESIDENCY platform. In celebration, Adidas is launching its first-ever Limited Edition and Open Edition NFT art sale, highlighting the newly created pieces by the chosen artists.

Event Details: Seoul Awaits

Mark your calendars for 7-8 September 2023, as the event is set to take place in Seoul, Korea. A special note for ALTS by Adidas holders: Claim your complimentary VIP Tickets at the earliest! Buy Ticket Here!