AI Company Together Raises $20M to Make an Open-Source AI

AI Company Together Raises M to Make an Open-Source AI

Together, a startup working on open-source AI has just managed to raise $20M in seed funding. The money raised will power up their dream of making open-source the go-to for all things AI.

The seed funding round for Together had some big names behind it. Lux Capital led the way, and a bunch of venture funds, angel investors, and well-known entrepreneurs jumped on board. We’re talking about Scott Banister, co-founder of PayPal, Jeff Hammerbacher, co-founder of Cloudera, and LipBu Tan, founder of Cadence Systems.

Together: A startup that is all about generative AI

Together are expanding their team, digging into research, honing their product, and beefing up their infrastructure. Their goal is to spark innovation and creativity by offering top-notch open-source generative AI models and a cutting-edge cloud platform.

Together’s captain, De Guerre, is a big believer in the potential of open-source model technology. He reckons it could totally unlock what foundation models can do. If you’re an enterprise wanting to dip your toes into generative AI, De Guerre’s advice is clear: look to open-source models. Together is already working on their RedPajama project, making computational resources for training, fine-tuning, and operating large models more within reach.

They’re also hell-bent on making resources even more accessible. They want to do that by buddying up with open-source groups and corporate research labs to push out open research, datasets, and models. They’re also shaking hands with decentralized infrastructure providers to make computing for training, fine-tuning, and running large models easier to get at.