AlterVerse Introduces The First-Ever Customizable, Tokenized Skins

Lakeshore, MN: AlterVerse Inc., a next-gen, indie, blockchain game dev studio, is pleased to announce a major upgrade to our customization system. In a blockchain game industry first, the AlterVerse Customizer will allow players to apply millions of pure colors and color gradients to tokenized game skin designs. Users will be able to make incredible personalized characters and items by choosing a design and coloring each zone separately while keeping the underlying design intact.

New Customization System Prototype.

The customization system is now linked to the Enjin wallet where players securely hold the tokenized game skins they purchase. A quick check at login confirms ownership and allows the player to apply any of their tokenized skins.
Designer Eric Kinney has crafted seven new uniform designs specifically for the AlterVerse Customizer. “With over 16.7 million color possibilities per area, players will be able to use any crazy combination they can imagine,” Kinney said.
The uniforms will be available for use in Disruption, the first of 17 planned AlterVerse games. Disruption is slated for a closed pre-alpha release at the end of October to holders of the Elite Lifetime Citizenship or Disruption Game Server.

The game is set aboard large Disrupter starships in the AlterVerse. Each starship is a player owned, tokenized server. Players will be able to use their customized skins while raiding enemy ships’ treasuries in Solo or Alliance Raids or playing in Adventure Quest and Battle Royale modes. A social non-combat mode is also an option for server owners.
In addition to the extreme flexibility the new system gives to the average player to customize the skins they purchase, innovative Alliance and Server owners can choose separate uniform designs for their crew based on rank or role with a unified color scheme for example. Or they may want to use a single design for everyone with multiple color options to denote status. The flexibility for individual and group expression will ensure a colorful and interesting alternate universe!

The first Customizable Uniform Designs roll off the production line

Jeff McCaig, Studio Creative Director and chief architect of the system said, “As we add more customizable models, server owners will be able to use it to colorize and personalize their game environments in practically, limitless ways.” At Electronic Arts and Perpetual Entertainment, Jeff served as a lead artist on many titles including The Sims 4, Star Trek Online and The Sims Mobile. He was also instrumental in designing tools for customizing content.

An example of the Jupiter Uniform Design in various color combinations

Improved Efficiency and Performance: For example, instead of 9 enormous, 8k ship hull textures for color options, server owners will soon be able to colorize 1 gray scale ship hull texture with millions of color options. Players will now download far less and be treated to limitless variety. Several interior customization options will be made available to server owners as well. (Only skin designs created specifically for the new system will be customizable.)

Disrupter Ship in Purple and Black

Tim Barnes, lead programmer of the customization system said, “We wanted a system that wouldn’t consume large amounts of GPU memory, would still hit our performance targets, while at the same time giving our art department and our end users a plethora of options. We chose to run with a system that utilized color gradient lookup tables with masking maps.”
Public release of Disruption on Steam and other platforms will follow soon after the pre-alpha testing is complete.
Customizable, Enjin-backed uniform skins will be available for purchase and immediate delivery in the AlterVerse Market starting this weekend. Special bundles will be available for Server and Alliance owners.

About AlterVerse Inc.: Headquartered in Lakeshore, MN with personnel around the world, AlterVerse Inc. is creating a ground-breaking, decentralized, gaming system where players have the option of owning and hosting, customizable game servers in a large variety of themes and game genres. Server owners will be able to monetize in diverse ways while players are given the opportunity to play an endless stream of games in a multitude of themes served up and created by fellow gamers. AlterVerse Inc. is utilizing the Enjin platform to create tokenized, blockchain-driven skins for a myriad of in-game items including weapons, clothing, vehicles, and armor. In another industry first, Limited Edition Game Servers and Elite Lifetime Citizenships are also being tokenized to guarantee proof of ownership. All tokenized items are tracked on the Ethereum blockchain. The AlterVerse is VR compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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