AlterVerse is Coming!

AlterVerse is Coming!

Hello Fam, following the recent Binance Labs and Polygon Ventures participation in AlterVerse’s private funding round in October, AlterVerse, an immersive Metaverse experience built in Unreal Engine 5, announced the Sky City closed alpha launch, starting on Dec. 12.

Sky City will be the central hub of AlterVerse. From there, players will interact with each other and be able to teleport to one of the many outPost servers, delivering a variety of experiences and activities.

All footage within the trailer is from the pre-alpha playtesting of AlterVerse. The video shows tall buildings, uniqly designed cars, Sky Cars, and their two upcoming interconnected game titles, “Rekt” and “Outpost.”

Participate in AlterVerse’s Closed Alpha Release

Firstly, you’ll have to create a free AlterVerse profile by visiting the official website. The register option can be found in the top-right corner of the website.

Then, head to this link to apply for the Closed Alpha using your email and Public wallet ID for Binance Smart Chain, which is optional but may be used for future AlterVerse airdrops that you might not want to miss.