AlterVerse Receives Funding To Continue Development of Sky City 

Binance Labs, Polygon Ventures, Ankr, EnjinStarter, and Baselayer Capital participated in the funding round.
AlterVerse Receives Funding To Continue Develpment of Sky City

AlterVerse, an immersive metaverse experience built with Unreal Engine 5, just announced that Binance Labs, the venture capital arm and accelerator of Binance, participated in its private round. Additional funding came from other big names in the industry.


Not long ago, AlterVerse was selected from Binance Labs to participate in the Binance Labs Incubation Program full of guidance and introduction to successful people in the industry. AlterVerse was one of the 14 projects chosen from a pool of over 500 other projects!

“AlterVerse is a beautiful amalgamation of real-world experiences and high-end gaming in the Metaverse. The vision and scale of the project is impressive, and what has already been developed is stunning. I look forward to continuing to support the AlterVerse team on this journey.”

Shashwat Gupta, Co-founder of Baselayer Capital and CEO & Founder of Altcoin Buzz.

AlterVerse has released a pre-alpha build of Sky City, the Metaverse’s central hub. AlterVerse has plans to release an Alpha version in Q4 2022. The Metaverse has secured over 75 partnerships across the industry. The most notable name on the list is Enjin, a long-time partner of AlterVerse, with plans to integrate Efinity, the first Polkadot parachain dedicated to NFTs.

“AlterVerse is building at the forefront of metaverse gaming. We love their team’s vision and passion to build an unprecedented decentralized gaming experience, and we’re proud to support them in making this vision a reality.”

Shitij Gupta, Co-founder of Baselayer Capital. 

Lastly it is notable to say that AlterVerse will launch in four phases, starting with:

  1. Sky City (Central Hub)
  2. OutPost
  3. Rekt (Survival Game)
  4. Metaservers (Decentralized Server)