MegaWorld Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Launch of Custom Buildings Feature

MegaWorld Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Launch of Custom Buildings Feature

MegaWorld, the first player-owned virtual megapolis and the oldest, is marking its five-year anniversary by introducing its “Custom Buildings” feature on June 12. This innovative addition signifies a landmark in the platform’s transition from a city-builder game to an expansive universe. The launch coincides with the debut of the new MegaWorld website and MegaWorld ID.

Tracing MegaWorld’s Journey

Over the past half-decade, MegaWorld, originally known as MegaCryptoPolis (MCP/MCP3D), has continuously evolved, introducing new modes and experiences each year. It launched as the first strategy game dApp, where players engaged in building virtual cities by acquiring land plots, constructing buildings, and strategizing based on location and surroundings.

From its first land plots in District #43 made available for reservation in May 2018, MegaWorld expanded its gameplay mechanics in 2019, bringing visual improvements, defined roles for players’ buildings, and a culture of trade and cooperation among players. This resulted in $5 million worth of ETH being withdrawn from smart contracts, demonstrating the game’s immense potential and commitment to innovation.

Overcoming Challenges and Innovating

By 2020, MegaWorld encountered challenges with scalability on the Ethereum network. In response, the company expanded to a new chain and implemented a Layer 2 scalability solution. The year also saw the introduction of the Vault, which shaped the initial distribution of the MegaCryptoPolis MEGA token, and the introduction of Points of Interest, which allowed for a wide range of options to develop a District and boost production.

In 2021, MegaWorld began its transformation into a multiverse, interconnecting all aspects of the game and making gameplay more accessible to all. By removing barriers to entry, the game became more inviting, bridging the gap between the world of Web3 and mass adoption.

Building the Future

As 2023 unfolds, MegaWorld is already introducing a plethora of groundbreaking features, including the MegaWorld Builder, which allows players to design and preview custom buildings, cross-chain economics, and Parcels, which give players the opportunity to unite Land Plots into vast areas and deploy Custom Buildings. These developments promise to elevate the MegaWorld experience to new heights.

A Glimpse into the Future

Looking towards the future, MegaWorld is gearing up for the release of its core milestone in development – the Express Delivery, also known as “Alpha.” In addition, the company has unveiled a new MegaWorld logo and color palette that harmonizes with the theme of its virtual city, symbolizing its evolution while preserving its rich heritage.

As MegaWorld continues to break new ground, it looks forward to more exciting updates while also paving the way for a future where players become architects of their own destinies. Stay tuned for more as MegaWorld’s journey is far from over.