Anime-Based P2E Game Etheruko Integrates Chainlink Automation

Anime-Based P2E Game Etheruko Integrates Chainlink Automation

Etheruko, an anime-based P2E game project, has integrated Chainlink Automation on the Ethereum mainnet. By integrating the industry-leading oracle network, Etheruko now has access to a secure and reliable smart contract automation system required to help start and stop mint rounds in a cheap and reliable method.

“Chainlink Automation is the most secure and reliable automation service in the blockchain industry, and it will undoubtedly increase the efficiency of the protocol to provide a smoother user experience. Etheruko continues its long-term journey to become a standout entertainment-based NFT project.”

Glenn, CEO of Etheruko

With the help of Chainlink Automation, users will now experience a smoother minting process executed automatically.

Etheruko is an anime-style P2E game project developed by a team of veteran developers in the anime industry. Its story is based in 2038 when an undead virus pandemic caused mutations in human DNA. A genius scientist discovered a cure to heal the people affected. However, some people that used the medicine called Etheru gained superpowers, ultimately using it more to increase their powers.

Chainlink Automation is a decentralized service built to manage tasks on behalf of smart contracts. It is a highly reliable, performant, and decentralized automation system that ensures transactions are identified and confirmed quickly!