It’s Official: Major League Baseball Blockchain Collectible Game

Baseball MLB Blockchain Collectible Game
Baseball MLB Blockchain Collectible Game

Am I the only one not surprised here?

First HTC announced CryptoKitties in U12+, now MLB is going blockchain. that’s hot! Who is next?

Are you a fan of Baseball? Collect your favorite bobblehead player as a digital card on the blockchain. For a price.

Similar to what cryptokitties, does, which is spreading like an epidemic you will be able to buy, sell and why not, battle with other players.

Kenny Gersh, MLB’s executive VP of gaming and new business ventures, reported to yahoo news that MLB has been eyeing cryptocurrency for a long time, and rejected other ideas before settling on doing a game with Lucid Sight.

Lucid Sight is also going to publish the upcoming RPG Blockchain Game Cryptic Conjure.

He also revealed that was discussing on accepting Bitcoin for their services but they turned it down.

Now they are coming for the blockchain game and they have a big fan base to attract.

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