HTC Announces Cryptokitties for U12+ High End Smartphone

The Giant Mobile Phone Manufacturer HTC announced on Tuesday that Cryptokitties will make a debut with HTC U12+. Suprised? Yep! So am I.

The blockchain game based on ethereum went viral on their initial launch and created a congestion, as a result, the network was really slow due to the massive amount of players it attracted.

The exclusive partnership showcases the future of digital ownership. Collect and breed one-of-a-kind Kitties anywhere, anytime. The future is meow on the HTC U12+ and many other selected HTC phones.

HTC is the first mainstream manufacturer who steps into Blockchain Games with an exclusive partnership. Having recognized the true ownership ability that blockchain provides, they bring Cryptokitties to the masses with their high-end Android smartphone.HTC also plans to release HTC Exodus, the company’s first blockchain smartphone, following the steps of Finney SmartPhone developed by Sirin Labs and manufactured by Foxconn.

HTC states that their goal is to build up an ecosystem of blockchain-based apps specifically for this community.

HTC U12+ is priced at 799$ Retail Price at the moment of writing this post.