Cryptic Conjure Game Presentation

An Interview With Jason Wishnov about Cryptic Conjure

Update: Read our Interview With Jason Wishnov.

Across the land of Kyra Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead, and that’s what Cryptic Conjure is all about. Craft spells and be one of the best or die like the rest.

Cryptic Conjure is a new (still, under development) Fantasy Multiplayer Action RPG Game by Iridium Studios developed by Lucid Sight. An LA-Based Gaming Studio founded in 2015 with a respected portfolio, including Crypto Space Commander and other games.

My Spell, Your Power

Jason Wishnov, the lead designer on Cryptic Conjure, presented a new interesting feature, and this is Spells. In any ordinary RPG/MMORPG etc. game players use spells to overcome enemies and win, but this time things are different. Your spells are your armor, your power, your weakness. Players gather materials from dungeons that can also be bought and sold to craft Spells.

Cryptic Conjure Artwork

Now, pay attention to this. Once you craft a spell, you gain twenty Essence, which can is tradable as a special token via the blockchain. The more people buy it, the weaker your spell becomes. This feature creates an interesting situation in which trust issues are emerging out of the blue. For example, you sell one Essence on the market, your spell will automatically lose 10% of its power, and from 200%, it will drop to 190%. If there is another purchase of the spell, then it drops to 185%. This pattern continues down to 100%. I believe it would be very interesting to see how the market will react to spells. The original Spell Crafter should be trustworthy because if not, your newly purchased spell will lose its power faster than the tulip bubble.

Economic Advantages in Cryptic Conjure

It only takes one google search to find out the best tactics for a game but doesn’t expect to see that in Cryptic Conjure any time soon. I’m not saying that the game won’t build an audience, it definitely will, I’m saying that the game keeps information and knowledge within a small circle of players. Obtaining a rare recipe or discovering a new method of crafting holds a significant economic advantage. So to recap here, information is gold and should not be shared with people that are not trustworthy. Achieve true item ownership in the Ethereum blockchain with spells, artifacts, crystals, and much more. Let the prices go up and wait for the right moment to earn your hard-played money.

Cryptic Conjure fight dodge
Dodge the attack and save yourself!

Now let’s get to the Cryptic Conjure economy’s backbone, which is Artifacts and Altars, but first, let’s see how to create spells. You need four basic ingredients, a recipe, a crystal, a runic altar a spell component.

Runic altar is a dormant object, but when you activate it using an artifact, it automatically becomes a tool that lets you craft a spell. Artifacts last for a week from the time you activated them. There will be a list with all active Artifacts, and you can choose yours from that list.

Since crafting involves creating and transferring unique Essence tokens, this has an inherent gas cost that the spell crafter is responsible for paying. However, players who have activated an altar may charge any fee they wish for players to utilize their altar. And this is where it gets interesting.

The Combat of Cryptic Conjure

In the land of Kyra, you and your fellow co-players fight for the glory of the guns (and ETH). A dungeon can host up to 4 players in a themed environment mixed with two elements. For example, the Infernal Forest is a mixture of fire and life elements. It creates a forest system full of plants that utilize geothermal energy for food, rather than traditional photosynthesis as Lucid Sight states.

Cryptic Conjure Rathe City
The City of Rathe in Cryptic Conjure

Combat between players, as we mentioned above, is all about spells, there is a limited number of spells you can bring into combat. This number increases as you gain experience and level-up. In the beginning, you can carry between four (4) to six (6) Spells.

Spells in Cryptic Conjure determine your role on the team. You can, for example, craft spells about Healing and consider yourself a “Healer/buffer,” but most players will take a hybrid role to achieve solo survival. Besides, Lucid Sight is working in MP Collection and redistribution- the famous in-game mana required to cast spells.

The Game Spells works like a typical MMORPG. For some of them, you must point to the enemy. Others are AOE (area of effect). In general, spells will require some precision.

dodge mechanism will be available to show a radius of effect in every spell cast before it takes you down. Dodging requires stamina, which regenerates fast. Stamina is relative to your melee attack, so you have to keep an eye on it.

Cryptic Conjure Spells Bar
Spells bar in Cryptic Conjure

Teamwork works better

Have you heard of Elemental Chain System? Neither did I until yesterday. Each level of the dungeon has a unique “Cycle” of elements. For example, if you cast a combination of Fire, Wind, and Light attacks, it will deal more damage.

Add bonus damage by casting the same Spell Essence simultaneously by two or more players. This type of mechanism encourages sharing your crafts with your teammates, but don’t forget that spells can get rekt by oversharing them, and this could be catastrophic. Also, a friendly reminder that every action you do is final. Don’t expect to share a spell and maintain it’s original power.

Cryptic Conjure forest
The Infernal Forest

Say hello to my little Parliament.

Like in politics, the game features a council of Nine people. The players occupy eight of them, and the last one is for the development team. 4 out of 8 are permanently and only for pre-sale contributors who purchase the “seat.” The other 4 are regular players who get elected every six weeks.

The council has some power in the game as they are going to vote weekly on issues that change the game and roll in it. They can, for example, change the drop rate of an item, close dungeons, etc.


Cryptic Conjure does not utilize a new token. Instead, it works on the Ethereum blockchain. You have to pay for a gas fee every time you do a blockchain action, Metamask suggested 0.30$ gas price a week ago for a game I was playing due to the network congestion, I’m not sure if Casper (sharding) will fix the fee issue. The good thing is, blockchain actions are limited in the game and mostly for purchasing or selling items. 

The idea is really good, graphics look amazing, and the team behind it is solid with experience in mobile and blockchain games. I have contacted the developers and asked some questions. Once we are ready, I will publish an interview with them.

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