An Interview With Jason Wishnov about Cryptic Conjure

Cryptic Conjure is a new 3D RPG Game based on ethereum blockchain. The game is under development Iridium Studios and will be published by Lucid Sights.

If you haven’t seen our Cryptic Conjure presentation, you can read it here.

It was a week ago when Cryptic Conjure caught my attention, humble without big promises, developed by Iridum Studio and backed by Lucid Sight who are also going to publish it, beautiful graphics and it’s own crypto economy.

Crypto community is evolving and top-class developers are leaving their IT jobs to join Cryptocurrency. It seems that now is the time to get into crypto games. The impact crypto will have in gaming is beyond anyone’s imagination. Recently a friend told me “… If I was going to tell my father that I could earn actual money for playing video games when I was a child, he would have slapped me.” And he is absolutely right. But now, like an imaginary story from the inferno forest, we know that games are going to adopt decentralized economies and in the end, we all get rewarded.

the infernal forest cryptic conjure
The Infernal Forest, a Beautifull Artwork for Cryptic Conjure

I wanted to do an interview with the guys behind Cryptic Conjure, one of the first who steps into blockchain gaming, developing not another card collectible, but a smart 3D FPS PC Game. Jason Wishnov is not just a cool guy, he is the CEO of Iridium Studios, Lead Designer, and programmer for the game who was more than happy to answer all of our questions regarding the future of the game.

With our further due, let’s get our intel 🙂

Q: stands for Question, A: stands for Answer

Q: Jason, Great to have you with us, can you tell me how many people are actively working for Cryptic Conjure?

A: “Five people full-time, though Lucid Sight Publishing is offering us their expertise and resources regarding blockchain implementation. This is always a difficult number; in modern game development, many people work on a contract basis and contribute frequently, if not full-time.”


Q: Is there an estimation on Cryptic Conjure Release Date?

A: Our pre-sale (which includes a demo) is going live near the end of July. As far as full development goes, it does somewhat depend on the pre-sale, but we’re looking to have our opening public release of the game in Spring 2019.


Q: Are we going to see a multiplatform game? Should we expect Mobile Version of Cryptic Conjure?

A: PC release is our primary concern at the moment. Considering the extremely high fidelity and complex gameplay, Cryptic Conjure is not well-suited to mobile or web platforms.


Q: Are there plans for marketing the game outside crypto community? How are you going to attract new players?

A: We do! We think that gamers will love to play Cryptic Conjure, even if they’re not particularly excited by cryptocurrency initially. We’ll attract players the old-fashioned way: amazing graphics, satisfying gameplay, and an intricate narrative.


Q: Jason, give us your opinion about the future of Blockchain Gaming.

A: Is it weird if we say us? = D We just think that blockchain gaming thus far has barely matched what the game industry proper is able to do: create deep, lush worlds, satisfying action, and an ability to draw you into a narrative. Blockchain is a tool, and can enable some amazing new social and economic experiences in the types of games we already love.

Comment: Not weird at all Jason, in this early stages of blockchain gaming, many projects will succeed and show to the world that video games have now changed. I can only think the best for Cryptic Conjure.


Q: Will there be a Beta Testing Period for early registered volunteers?

A: There will be, but it will likely be later on down the line.

You saw this here first. Get ready (not yet), we gonna play Cryptic Conjure.


Q: You are stating that Cryptic Conjure is not doing an ICO. Is the game development funded by your company or other investors?

A: We are not doing an ICO, correct. Our funding will partially come from the pre-sale, and partially from internal funds and investors.


Q: Let’s get to my last question which is one word. Steam.

A: Valve has not yet made perfectly clear their monetization policies on blockchain gaming but we are talking with them.


Thank you for providing all these information Jason. We shall meet again in the Infernal Forest.

And somewhere here our interview has come to an end. Iridium Studios will continue to work on Cryptic Conjure and we are eager for the pre-sale where an exclusive demo of the game will be shared among the participants.

Pre-Register for Crypto Conjure using our link.


Cryptic Conjure Game Presentation

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We will keep you updated on Cryptic Conjure news and latest development milestones. Stay tuned for a better gaming tomorrow.

Until next time, keep it crypto!

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