Play Now Brave Frontier Heroes & Join The Giveaway

The world-known RPG Brave Frontier launched today on the Ethereum network, and the first unit sale will take place at 13:00 UTC. To celebrate the launch, we are hosting a giveaway with 20 Uncommon Shiny Swords. Click here to join. Brave Frontier Heroes combines the IP and creative of the original BRAVE FRONTIER game that …

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Six Dragons Presale Starts Today

Six Dragons is an upcoming Open World RPGblockchain game and officially a member of the Enjin’s multiverse ecosystem. Being developed using the blockchain SDK by Enjin Coin the game will feature epic battles between players and monsters in an open world map, a crafting system and hundreds of items as well as Hero classes. Starting …

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Cryptic Conjure Game Presentation

An Interview With Jason Wishnov about Cryptic Conjure

Update: Read our Interview With Jason Wishnov. Across the land of Kyra Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead, and that’s what Cryptic Conjure is all about. Craft spells and be one of the best or die like the rest. Cryptic Conjure is a new (still, under development) Fantasy Multiplayer Action RPG Game by Iridium Studios developed …

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