Animoca Brands & Lucid Sight Join Forces to Develop Crypto Space Commander

Animoca Brands & Lucid Sight CSC

Animoca Brands – a Hong-Kong based global blockchain and NFT games developing company – has struck a partnership with Lucid Sight, another blockchain gaming company and the creator of Crypto Space Commander (CSC) game.  Through this partnership, Animoca Brands will have the licence to make new changes to CSC and develop its gameplay, economy, and …

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Crypto Space Commander Brings Star Trek on The Blockchain

Ever wanted to have the true ownership of a Star Trek spaceship? Crypto Space Commander brings the popular space series, Star Trek, to the Ethereum Blockchain in a limited time cross-universe event. The event is about to take place this year, when a divergence rift opens up between the CSC & Star Trek (Prime Timeline) …

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Cryptic Conjure Game Presentation

An Interview With Jason Wishnov about Cryptic Conjure

Update: Read our Interview With Jason Wishnov. Across the land of Kyra Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead, and that’s what Cryptic Conjure is all about. Craft spells and be one of the best or die like the rest. Cryptic Conjure is a new (still, under development) Fantasy Multiplayer Action RPG Game by Iridium Studios developed …

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