MetaMask Users Can Buy Crypto Using Apple Pay

Apple Pay Metamask

Cryptocurrency will now be more adopted by everyone as MetaMask allow Apple Pay users to Buy crypto and digital assets. 

The new MetaMask update V4.3.1 allows crypto purchases via Apple Pay using credit or debit cards. 

Previously, the users had to go through centralized exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) are often seen as a gray area between centralization and decentralization.

Even though they play as a bridge of decentralization, they are still owned by a company, just like any centralized economy. 

With MetaMask’s new update, the users will now be able to seed their wallets with NFTs or any digital assets directly. (The new update also has a dark mode.)

Last April, Consensys celebrated its milestone of achieving 5 million active users on MetaMask. As of today, the crypto wallet has over 30 million active users.

MetaMask & Apple Pay Crypto Buying Limit

According to reports, the users can buy a maximum of $400 worth of crypto per day. But Wyre, on the other hand, has documented the daily maximum limit to be $500. 

Wyre is a payment API MetaMask uses to integrate with Apple Pay.

Apple & Bitcoin?

Rumors are being spread amid Apple Pay’s integration with Meta Mast. Some say that Apple bought Bitcoin when BTC broke the $45k resistance last Monday. 

The news about Apple Pay and MetaMask makes everyone sure that Apple will buy Bitcoin. Currently, Apple Stock (AAPL) has a market cap of $2.85 Trillion. This alone is worth 35% more than the entire crypto market cap. 

Visa announced that they would launch an NFT creator program to make the platform more inclined towards adopting crypto and NFTs. 

As more companies adopt crypto and decentralization, could Apple be doing the same in the foreseeable future?