Animoca Brands Backed Gaming Platform Kyō Partners With Immutable X

Animoca Brands Backed Gaming Platform Kyō Partners With Immutable X

In a recent announcement made yesterday, October 27th, Storms, a gaming startup that builds an inclusive ecosystem for Web3, partnered with Immutable X. This collaboration will bring billions of users worldwide into Web3 using the Kyō game platform.

Immutable X will serve as the Layer-2 solution for the upcoming gaming platform Kyō. Named after the Japanese word “joy,” Kyō is destined to bring billions of traditional gamers into Web3 using the infrastructure needed to scale quickly and securely via its ZK-rollup technology. Additionally, all the NFTs minted within the platform will be fully carbon-neutral. 

Storms, the creator of Kyō, is famous across the industry because of the firms behind it. The gaming startup is owned by iCandy, responsible for some of the most popular AAA games of recent years. The Last of Us Part II and Mortal Kombat 11 are some examples. iCandy Interactive is also backed by Animoca Brands.

“From traditional gaming to Web3 gaming, Storms remains committed to delivering quality and frictionless gaming experience for billions of players, and I am happy that ImmutableX shares the same vision. Thanks to ImmutableX’s unparalleled scalability, zero gas fees and easy-to-use APIs, Kyō gaming platform is now one step closer towards empowering gamers with total control over their in-game assets.”

 David Yin, Chief Executive Officer of Storms.