Animoca Brands Raises Another $50M From Coinbase And Samsung

Animoca Brands raises US,888,888 based on valuation of US billion

Animoca Brands – one of the leading blockchain game developers – have raised a total of $138.8 million in investments through a recent round of investment of another $50 million.

Chairman of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu stated that:

“We are honored and excited to welcome strategic investors who offer powerful synergy and partnership opportunities.”

Animoca has received funds from big investors including Blue Pool Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Gobi Partners, Korea Investment Partners, Liberty City Ventures, and Samsung Venture Investment Corporation.

“We are about to experience a fundamental change in multiple aspects of our digital lives including the ways in which we enjoy games and purchase and utilize virtual goods,” said a statement given by a spokesperson for Samsung Venture Investment Corporation, 

The investments have come from 164.8 million new shares in the company, each at a price of A$1.10. Animoca Brands has also raised $88,888,888 this year in May on a valuation of $1 billion

Animoca Brands aims to give gamers ownership of their digital assets using NFTs and blockchain technology. This funding will help them to further expand their operations to develop play-to-earn models and enhance digital asset interoperability.

Many popular games including F1® Delta Time, The Sandbox, and MotoGP™ Ignition have been launched successfully by Animoca Brands in the past. They have also issued gaming tokens REVV and SAND.

In addition to its own games, Animoca Brands has also been supporting other blockchain games and entertainment projects including Dapper Labs, Sky Maxis (Axie Infinity), and the OpenSea marketplace.