App.axie: Players Can Now Buy, Sell, and Equip Fancy Accessories 

App.axie: Players Can Now Buy, Sell, and Equip Fancy Accessories 

Hello Lunacians, Axie Infinity announced the release of a new feature yesterday, Jan. 3, and users can now equip, buy and sell fancy accessories within its marketplace (App.axie).

In addition, Axie Infinity will host a challenge called #AxieLookBook to celebrate the new feature. Earn great prizes by following the steps below to enter.

How to Equip Accessories

This 18-second video shows you how to equip accessories easily:

Keep in mind that each accessory can only be used on one axie at a time.

#AxieLookBook Challenge 

This challenge is hosted in celebration of the arrival of accessorized axies. Follow three easy steps to take part until 2 AM EST on Tuesday, Jan. 10, when the submission deadline ends.

example of a tweet

Firstly, you’ll need to upload a picture of one of your accessorized axies on Twitter using the #AxieLookBook hashtag.

Secondly, include your axie’s ID + your Ronin address. You can only submit axies that you own wearing accessories that you own.

Lastly, include a brief description of your thought process when pairing accessories to your axie.


🎁 1-5: 25 AXS + winners will choose a low ID accessory from Sky Mavis’s accessory stash based on their placement order.

🎁 6-10: 25 AXS each

🎁 11-25: 10 AXS each

🎁 26-50: 5 AXS each

You can find all the details regarding the rewards by visiting The Lunacian.