Aptos Labs and Microsoft Collaborate to Develop AI-Driven Dapps

Aptos Labs and Microsoft Collaborate to Develop AI-Driven Dapps

According to a recent announcement, Aptos Labs has joined forces with tech giant Microsoft, aiming to produce innovative blockchain solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The collaboration is primarily leveraging Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI services.

Introducing Aptos Assistant

At the forefront of their partnership is the creation of the ‘Aptos Assistant.’ This chatbot tool is tailored for Web3, simplifying its usage for those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency. The Assistant provides users a platform to ask questions in plain language about the Aptos blockchain, offering prompt and detailed answers. It’s also a valuable tool for developers, directing them to relevant materials when creating smart contracts or decentralized applications.

Rashmi Misra, Microsoft’s General Manager for AI & Emerging Technologies, shared her excitement for the future, noting, “The fusion of AI and blockchain emerges as one of the pioneering tech combinations, holding the potential for revolutionary use cases.”

Diving into AI and DeFi

Both Aptos and Microsoft are keen to advance AI-integrated DeFi solutions. This includes ambitious projects around tokenizing assets, crypto-based payment methods, and the exploration of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). The goal? To foster the adoption of Web3 within the financial sector. To bolster the reliability and safety of the Aptos blockchain, Aptos will also establish validator nodes on Azure. One spokesperson highlighted the synergy of the partnership, stating, “Pairing Aptos Labs’ innovation with Microsoft Azure Open AI Service’s prowess, we’re making blockchain more accessible, enabling easy Web3 onboarding and spurring the creation of new decentralized apps rooted in AI.”