Ethermon To Implement Rarity System in Mons

Ethermon Rarity Implementation

The Ethermon universe is all set to welcome all significant shifts that are about to come. They are releasing an entirely new generation of Mon release, and it is on the horizon. Ever since the EMON was launched, people got excited, and the entire community was all blown up. Over 70k players are ready to participate in the Ethermon Mission and are excited to have a thrilling experience and explore the play-to-earn ecosystem. 

After seeing the boom in the player base, the game decided to expand its current universe by releasing a new set of mons. The new release of Ethermon will offer new members the opportunity of entering the universe and obtain an enhanced user experience. 

Matic Mons

Cloning the mons from Ethereum to Polygon has resulted in traits’ mutation. The beta versions of the mon developed are very similar to the original ETH version; the only difference is that they come in variants that have slightly off colors and are smaller in size. Apart from aesthetics, thematic mons have also become weaker on Ethereum.

Almost 10% of the Genesis Mons will not be re-released in the Genesis Reborn set. 


It is the new rollouts that will help strengthen the assets and also enhance their value proposition for those who are OG Mon trainers and those who still hold the original alpha-set Genesis Mons. Moving forward, every release of Mon in the game will have a specific rarity integrated into it with the catching cap, matching max, which is directly associated with rarity. 


The community is super excited to bring the new generation of Ethermon Trainers and wants to ensure that everyone can enter the gaming ecosystem at cost-effective rates. Initially, you will have to collect the Mon NFTs and start your adventure in the game by battling, training, and exploring. 

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