Arkane Network Unity SDK for Matic and Ethereum

Arkane Network Unity SDK For Matic And Ethereum,

The web3 API provider Arkane Network announced the launch of Unity Plugin for Matic Network and Ethereum. Game developers can now publish blockchain-based digital goods(NFTs) and allow users to signup using social login while enjoying an automated Matic wallet creation

Arkane Network is known for its easy to use products that lower the entry barrier to web3 and blockchain. Game studios and dApp developers can reap the benefits of decentralization and play to earn model by integrating a suite of services through APIs and SDKs. 

The suite of tools is designed to be accessible by all developers without any prior knowledge of how smart contracts work or transaction handling, making it ideal for any developer looking to implement next-generation features into new or existing games and apps.

Another great future of the Arkane Network Unity SDK for Matic and Ethereum is the support for GAS stations for ERC-1155. This results in a seamless experience, allowing gamers to play Matic or Ethereum games without any blockchain knowledge.

“At Arkane we feel it is hugely important to break down barriers to entry. We’ve seen how difficult it is to embrace blockchain technology that we cannot just expect everyone to change how they develop software today and use such an innovative technology like blockchain to automate value transactions. Game developers use Unity to create digital (game) assets and we should make it easy for them to embrace new technologies. Matic is solving another important challenge, namely making blockchain scalable so that businesses can rely on the technology infrastructure.”
Tim Dierckxsens, Co-founder & CEO Arkane

Benefits of Arkane Network Unity SDK for Matic and Ethereum.

  • Simplified integration with Arkane API to C# classes for contracts and tokens deployment.
  • Deploy in-game items in the form of ERC-1155 tokens on the Matic Network and use them as scriptable objects in your game.
  • Visually edit your NFT contracts and NFTs with the Arkane Manager window.
  • Deploy new contracts and tokens to the Arkane Network backend services from within the editor.
  • Read existing Contracts and Tokens from the Arkane Network backend creating the related scriptable objects automatically.
  • Read your gamer’s wallets and update token quantities owned by your gamers at run time (like an inventory system where tokens are items).
  • Mint new tokens to a user’s wallet at runtime.
“Matic is rapidly becoming the go-to platform for Gaming and NFT Dapps, and Arkane Wallet is an incredibly powerful service in the arsenals of developers. The integration of Unity, one of the most popular game development engines will usher in supercharged gaming applications and innovations.”
Arun Philips, Marketing Matic Network

See more in Arkane’s ​Matic manual​ or Contact Arkane Network.