Axes Metaverse Introduces Three New Classes

maxresdefault 6 Recently, the Axes Metaverse has made some bold announcements and one of them includes New Classes. 

Recently, the Axes Metaverse has made some bold announcements and one of them includes New Classes. 

So, Let’s hop right into what these classes are, what they do, how they attack, and what skills they possess. 


Dedicated to magic, they have their own library of books. At first, they will seem innocent and harmless but as soon as things go south, get ready to see some bold action.


CHARGED: Meteor – Projectile with the area of damage

BASIC: Fireball – damages the enemy on hit


LIGHTENING SENTINEL: Circles around and damages the enemy

FROST NOVA: A ring of ice that cripples the enemy

Watch MAGE in action:



The Barbarian can horrify everyone on the battlefield just by their tiger-like roars and lashing out. All covered in tattoos, the barbarian is one of the most powerful warriors.


BASIC: Chop-Chop – a powerful cone-shaped slash

CHARGED: Throw – projectile damages and stuns on hit


FRENZY: Health won’t drop below 1

HURRICANE: Spins around and cuts through

Watch BARBARIAN in action:



The most sneaky, clever, and unexpected warriors on the battlefield. Just when you think they are harmless, they will attack so quickly that it’ll feel like “just a gust of wind.”


BASIC: Throwing Knife – damages on hit

CHARGED: Multi Throw – fires a barrage of knives


QUICK STAB: Hits stronger from behind

SHADOW DASH: vanishes for a short time

Watch ROGUE in action:


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