Axes Metaverse Elf Chests Sale To Begin These Days

Axes Metaverse Second Upcoming GAO

Azur Games is once again hosting a GAO for Axes Metaverse after its success on the first Chest sale back in December 2021. In the second Gaming Asset Offering (GAO), Axes Metaverse players will purchase Genesis Elf NFT Chests, the second race of playable avatars. Being an upcoming promising game, Azur Games successfully launched its …

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Axes Metaverse Reveals New Game Modes

Axes Metaverse New Game Modes

Axes Metaverse is a Meta-Metaverse under development by Azur Games, a pioneer in the mobile gaming industry. Player ownership and Play-To-Earn features using NFTs are the project’s priority since the title is based on the existing Axes Mobile Game, which boasts over 30 million players. Azur Games revealed today three new gameplay modes in which players will …

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Top 5 Mobile Publisher Azur Games To Host Axes Metaverse First Game Asset Offering

Axes Metaverse First Game Asset Offering

Axes Metaverse, an upcoming play-to-earn game by Azur Games is getting ready to host the first Game Asset Offering (NFT Presale.) The sale is expected to take place tomorrow, 18/12/2021 and it will offer Genesis Human Hero Chests for the price of 250$ BUSD each. Note that the current sale is for investors and partners, …

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