The Axes Metaverse Official Release Date Just Arrived

A moment we were all patiently waiting for.
The Axes Metaverse Official Release Date Just Arrived

Axes Metaverse, a P2E game where players throw axes at each other, has finally arrived after months of hard work and patience from Azur Games developers.

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From now on, players will be able to participate in all gameplay features of the Axes Metaverse, which include playing, summoning heroes, and generating income within Axes: Battlegrounds, the first and traditional game mode of Axes Metaverse. Players can download the game client here and learn more information about the game’s launch here.

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Axes: Battleground 

The first game of Axes Metaverse is Axes: Battleground. It is a free-to-play MMO with 64 players, all fighting for a chance to win. Battleground players complete levels in the campaign mode.

The battle-royale mode features multiple dangerous zones and traps in the Hazards arena. You must avoid them while being the last man standing by taking out your opponents. Battleground games will support crossplay. Players can use the same account on PC and Mobile.