Axie Infinity Builders: The First 12 Projects

Axie Infinity Builders Program

Axie Infinity has announced the first set of projects accepted into the Axie Builders Program. 

To apply to Axie Infinity Builders Program, projects had to submit proposals and wait for the evaluation by Sky Mavis. Now, after a thorough examination and taking into account everything that the projects have submitted in their proposals, Sky Mavis has selected 12 projects to provide them with resource, advisory, and financial support. 

In order to promote creativity and accessibility in the Web3 space, Axie Infinity launched the Builders Program so that every independent developer could leverage the Ronin Blockchain and make their ideas into a reality. 

If you want to be the next developer to be supported by Sky Marvis, prepare your proposal and Apply to Lead the Builders Program.

The Beneficiaries

The following are the projects selected by Sky Mavis for the Axie Builders Program:

  1. Inter the Dungeon

A push-your-luck dungeon crawl that shows how you can exchange several resources between games. 

  1. Defenders of Lunacian land (DOLL)

An action-packed survival game where players control an automatic attacking Axie. Although the game has simple gameplay, the roguelike elements in the game are quite challenging.

  1. Axie To The Moon

A shooting game with a bird’s eye view. The game universe is Infinite – players can roam around the infinite universe just like in Axie Infinity.

  1. Hungry Axie

A game where Axies eat Axies to get bigger and bigger. As they get bigger, they get points that eventually in you $SLP. The winners are the last 3 Axies!

  1. Axieology

You bond your Axies together, grow plants, and eat sweet food to get your Axies ready for battle against Chimeras. 

  1. Lunacia Cup

There are bubbly pets that run around in rolling hills to be the fastest.

  1. Run Axie Run

In Run Axie Run, you are challenged to see how far you can run with all those obstacles throughout Lunacia. You collect valuable resources, battle enemies, and have fun as you run.

  1. AxiePop

A game about popping Axies. You will need an Axie to earn in-game rewards. (Although the game is free-to-play)

  1. Axie Infinity War

Axie Infinity War is a Battle Royale Game where 10 players fight each other off – only the last one standing wins. 

  1. Axie Brawl

An Arena Brawler where two teams fight with each other. Unlike other games, each player controls only one Axie – teamwork will be the key factor to winning. Strategize, cooperate, and win!

  1. Mech Infinity

Based in the Axie Infinity Universe, Mech Infinity is a Battle Royale game where players acquire Axie Mechs (if they hold an Axie) to battle and win exciting rewards in crypto (NFTs, $AXS, $SLP).

  1. Across Lunicia

If you own an Axie, this will be a free-to-play title for you where you can go on a pixel art adventure.