Axie Infinity Crates Sale in Battle Racers is Live

While the presale is still running and almost 500 ETH was raised in the first week only, the highly anticipated crypto racing game Battle Racers now hosts an Axie Infinity crate sale special event.

In this special event, there are 150 crates available that each one contains four random parts from any of the three Axie Infinity car models. 600 Axie Parts are pre-minted so 150 complete cars can be formed making them extremely rare. Unsold crates will be burned at the end of the regular pre-sale period.

This extremely limited Axie parts will be tagged as Prime Edition and will have a 3% chance drop as Elites. In total there are available 80 Common cars, 50 Rare cars, and 20 Epic cars but there is no chance for other Legendary car part drops in this special crates.

Claim Now Axie Cars in The Special Crate Sale Event

These crates are exclusive to Axie owners so in order to participate, you need to own at least one Axie in your wallet otherwise you will not be able to see the event crates in the presale page.

Due to the extreme rarity of this crates, participants can claim only three crates by purchasing one crate per transaction at the cost of 0.1 ETH each.

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