CGC X Virtual Conference on 22/2/2022

CGC X will be the tenth edition of the leading blockchain gaming conference that will occur on February 22-23, 2022. Two incredible days full of events and priceless moments with NFT celebrities and experts, over 1,500 participants, and 50+ speakers. This CGC will allow you to wander around, communicate hang with other participants in lounges with live …

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Play To Earn Halloween Events For 2021

Play to earn Halloween events

Trick or Treat? This year it seems we have a humble blockchain gaming Halloween as the most popular blockchain games haven’t organized something, don’t get disappointed though, because we search and found some of the best Halloween events. Some of the events will allow you to play and earn, while others are giveaways and contests …

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NFT Vision Hack’s Online Hackathon Event


NFT Vision Hack is conducting an online Hackathon in July and August 2021. Every individual can participate in the event and help make it a big success. They are hosting this competitive event for developers, designers, and subject matter experts who can collaborate and work independently to find the solution.  This online Hackathon is being held on …

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$150,000 Prize Pool in Cometh’s Polygon Galactic Grand Prix This Saturday

0,000 Prize Pool in Cometh's Polygon Galactic Grand Prix This Saturday

Cometh is a blockchain spaceship game that combines NFTs and De-Fi, allowing players to earn game tokens that can be utilized within the game’s De-Fi system and own yield generating NFTs. Cometh and Polygon are launching Summer 2021 Climax: The Polygon Galactic Grand Prix on Saturday, July 10, 2021, at 2 pm UTC (7.30 pm IST). …

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CGC|NFT 2.0 – The Ultimate Non-Fungible Token Conference to Take Place on June 10-11


Year 2021 unlocked the true potential of NFTs and blockchain games. After hosting a massively successful NFT-focused event in March, the CGC team witnessed the continued growth of popularity and awareness of everything related to NFTs, as whole new industries and ecosystems began to establish their footprint with this technology. The overwhelming interest in the …

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Aavegotchi to Launch Event With $1,7 Million Prize Pool

Aavegotchi to Launch Event

Aavegotchi is one of the first projects to combine decentralized finance with collectibles, and it’s backed by the popular DeFi protocol, Aave. The game is organizing an event with 1.4 Million GHST tokens from April 20 to June 15.  $GHST token is currently trading at $1.21, which makes the prize pool around $1,700,000. You can …

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Are You Ready For The First Annual NFT Awards?

Bandai Namco Annual NFT Awards

Get ready for the first Annual NFT Awards on December 9, 2020, organized by Enjin and DEA. The first-ever Non-Fungibles award will be streamed live from the official Twitch Channel, and there will be some notable judges from the gaming industry. The nominations process will run through October with five or more categories across multiple industries. There will be six finalists …

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Win $10,000 in Prizes by Playing During The Taurion Treasure Hunt #3

The Taurion Treasure Hunt has begun today! The gates are open and everyone can claim prizes from the huge pool that contains NFTs and tokens valued more than $10,000. Try it now and find items from multiple games while playing. The Ubisoft backed game, Taurion released the third Taurion Treasure Hunt with over 10,000$ in …

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Cryptoman is launching its biggest tournament so far with a 1500$ prize pool

Cryptoman tournament

Some of you may remember our article about Tronman last year, Cryptomans predecessor. Since then, the bomberman-inspired game evolved drastically. It’s now joining players from 8 different blockchains on a single multiplayer battlefield. You get to choose, which coin you stake and earn the stakes of the players, you kill, in the currency of their …

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Coinfest to take place in Decentraland due to Covid-19 on March 30 – April 4

Coinfest Conferece to take place in decentraland

The Coinfest Conference which takes place in multiple locations at the same time worldwide was canceled due to Coronavirus and will now take place in Decentraland with free entrance for four days special event! Coronavirus is responsible for over 27,000 deaths, and with India’s recent lockdown, 2.6 billion residents are argued to stay home. According to …

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