Win $10,000 in Prizes by Playing During The Taurion Treasure Hunt #3

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The Taurion Treasure Hunt has begun today! The gates are open and everyone can claim prizes from the huge pool that contains NFTs and tokens valued more than $10,000. Try it now and find items from multiple games while playing.

The Ubisoft backed game, Taurion released the third Taurion Treasure Hunt with over 10,000$ in prizes and thousands of in-game NFTs from multiple blockchain games.

People say, ” Don’t change a winning team,” and that’s what XAYA is doing with the Taurion game. The two previous rounds (1,2) of the Treasure Hunt were highly successful, with players worldwide discovering the unexplored areas of Taurion’s massive map and earning in-game rewards from a variety of other games.

Join Now The Taurion Treasure Hunt #3

The cross-promotion model of XAYA is working great, and now everyone is welcomed to join the Taurion Treasure Hunt #3.

Play to Earn

Taurion is a fully decentralized MMO game taking place in a massive open-world map. Players can mine resources, explore the world, and attack others while driving vehicles and placing buildings. The third Taurion Treasure Hunt is the perfect opportunity for every gamer to understand a fully decentralized game’s logic and take back home some sweet rewards. Plenty projects have pledged support to Taurion and offer various tokens and NFTs to the players who find them first.

Players can win various prizes from the following games.

Age of Rust186 in-game items, including 25 AOR MFTs.
Battle Racers5 silver crates.
Cartesi10 x $20 Cartesi tokens.
Chain Clash106 in-game items including avatars.
Crypto Dynasty:5 x 5,000 TKT & 250 x 100 TKT.
Crypto Space Commander3 space ships & Founders tokens & Steam keys.
Decimated10x 1,000 DIO.
Dissolution3 weapons and 10 DFTs.
Drug Wars10 x 5,000 DWD.
Ethernal20 dungeon keys.
F1 Deltatime10 Crates, including Legendary etc.
Gamerhash3 x $10 to spend on Gamerhash and $10 in gamers coins.
MakerDAO2,500 DAI.
Neon District300 in-game items.
Nine Chronicles20 x Starter Packs.
Reality Clash10 x Clown NFT weapons.
Soccer Manager Elite100 x 1% shares in a soccer player in the 1st division.
Splinterlands20 summoner spell books.
The Six Dragons33 in-game items.
Uptrennd25 x 2,000 1UP.
Xaya /Ubisoft Lab3x Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.
Taurion850 in-game items.
Polyient Games3x PGFK (1 ETH value each)
Zenzo10x 500 ZNZ (5,000 Total)
Marguerite deCourcelle2 x 347 Coin’s E-Den coins
Taurion Treasure Hunt #3 Prizes List.

Don’t miss your chance to grab as many prizes as you can through playing Taurion. You will need an electrum Xaya wallet (1 click play), as well as a starter pack.

In addition, you can invite other players and win some rewards for your efforts.

Claim your free Starter pack now and download the wallet to be ready.

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