Fully Decentralized MMORPG Game Built Upon XAYA Blockchain


Conquests, wars, murders, and every move in the game can be tracked on the blockchain where no centralized servers excists.

True Item Ownership

Assets in the game are stored on the Blockchain where true item ownership can be proved. Players can use, trade or sell an item and get paid in crypto!

Profit on The Real World

Form allies with your friends and compete with other players. In-game items including loot equals to profit on the real world!

About Taurion

Taurion is an online MMO Crypto game in a constantly evolving world under development by the popular blockchain gaming platform XAYA. The gameplay takes place in the distant future where 12 houses left the earth due to lack of resources and three of them settled in planets on the same galaxy.
Players compete to gather resources in a limitless environment and have full control of their characters, buildings, resources, and items. Steal your enemies, protect yourself from rivals to get a profit on the real world. Assets are truly owned by the player to use them in the game, trade or sell for a fair profit.

Why Blockchain?

Even tho the game is under development on the blockchain, the team focuses on creating a stunning gameplay unlike other games that focuses on the economy market. All assets exists on the Blockchain and owned by players. Decentralized servers can't be attacked or shut down. Your items exists for ever on the blockchain network and belongs to you until you decide to sell or trade them.
It is well known that XAYA was built exactly with the existing concerns of blockchain gaming in mind and their network provides an ecosystem that is prepared to foster blockchain gaming at the same level of activity and stress as traditional counterparts.

If you love playing online MMORPG games, Taurion is the game you should wait for. Use your skills to become a mighty player, or a mighty trader!

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A true blockchain Massive Multiplayer Online Game in a world of infinite possibilities. Taurion sets the standards for Dapp games!


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CHI is the native cryptocurrency of the XAYA blockchain. It uses triple-purpose mining (PoW) for consensus. The total supply is 77.3 million CHI with about 49 million in circulation. Transactions and on-chain game moves are powered by CHI mining fees.