ftNFT Marketplace Launches Second Phygital NFT Shop at the Dubai Mall

The future of NFTs just got more exciting!
ftNFT Marketplace Launches Second Phygital NFT Shop at the Dubai Mall

In a nutshell:

  • Web3 ecosystem Fastex introduced the second phygital ftNFT shop at the Dubai Mall
  • The official opening ceremony will take place on March 17, 2023
  • Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world

Hello egamers! NFT marketplace ftNFT stretches its boundaries and announces the launch of another physical NFT shop at the biggest mall in the world, the Dubai Mall.

ftNFT is a one-of-kind and unique physical NFT shop that allows artists to add NFTs to the ftNFT marketplace. Fastex, the ecosystem ftNFT is part of, seeks to bring the experience of buying and selling NFTs to the physical world.

The shop will have a brand new NFT gallery where artists can rent one of 20+ high-quality displays or exhibition spots to showcase their NFTs and physical art to hundreds of daily shoppers. Any NFTs listed can also be purchased through easy-access terminals. In addition, customers can use a 3D Scanner to make full-body scans of themselves and get their custom rooms in the Fastex Verse.

An official opening ceremony is scheduled on March 17, with visitors having the chance to experience all the benefits a physical ftNFT shop can offer, promising to be a must-visit destination for all NFT enthusiasts.

The first ftNFT shop opened at the Mall of Emirates in December 2022, ultimately gaining lots of popularity within a very short time. In addition, this particular ftNFT shop was awarded the Best Physical Implementation award by MAF and was praised for its unique concept, friendly staff, and exceptional customer service. The Dubai Mall promises to be even more successful, given the mall’s international reputation and global reach.

“With the most innovative technology at our fingertips, we’re making NFTs more accessible to everyone. We present NFTs that exist in both virtual and physical forms through the shop’s extensive gallery. It is fitted with high-end screens and physical exhibition spaces for all kinds of art. It is a brand new NFT experience.” 

Vakhtang Abrahamyan, CEO at Fastex

More than a month ago, we talked about Fastex’s record-breaking token sale that saw the SoftConstruct-incubated, Fasttoken ($FTN) raising over $23M in a token generation event. We also mentioned some additional forthcoming features within the Fastex economy, with ftNFT being one of them.

According to the co-founder of SoftContructm, more than 100 gaming partners adopted $FTN as their in-game token. Fastex’s goal is to bring benefits of Web3 to game players and their gaming partners, being laser-focused to make this happen.

NFTs have earned popularity in recent years as a form for creators to monetize their digital designs, such as art, music, videos, and other types of content. In addition, NFT enthusiasts often see NFTs as a new and exciting way to support artists and creators and as a potential investment opportunity. Speaking about potential, NFT enthusiasts are usually excited about the fact that these digital assets can revolutionize the art and creative industries.