NFT Vision Hack’s Online Hackathon Event


NFT Vision Hack is conducting an online Hackathon in July and August 2021. Every individual can participate in the event and help make it a big success. They are hosting this competitive event for developers, designers, and subject matter experts who can collaborate and work independently to find the solution. 

This online Hackathon is being held on a global scale that aims to bring together talented creatives and passionate engineers about their work. They also want to break the boundaries and make possible things in their capacity in the world, non-fungible tokens. 

Every team of developers or creators will receive complete and the required support while they will compete with each other for the awesome prize rewards across one of the four tracks that NFT Vision Hack has. 

There are four different challenges proposed by the platform for the participants in which they can showcase their ability and talent. This Hackathon has prizes worth USD 68,000 and more. The major aim of the NFT vision hack is to shape the future of NFT. It looks forward to getting innovative NFT solutions built or get unique NFT art created during the Hackathon. 

The contest is open from 03 July to 30 August. Wherein from 12th-16th July, educational workshops will be held. From 30 August – 04 September, judges and track partners will evaluate the projects, and the awards will be announced on 15 September. 

The different challenges include; 

  • Building innovative apps on Rarible protocol. 
  • Establishing payment solutions to make NFTs accessible to the masses. 
  • Create and submit an out-of-the-box concept for scalable NFat art projects. 
  • Build creative solutions around NFTs and gaming. 

If passionate about NFT and have a mind-blowing idea, we encourage you to participate in this event and make the most out of it.