Money Making Games to Play While in Quarantine

10 Money making games to play while in quarantine

So you’re stuck at home with your parents, and there is no way to go out? Don’t worry, Covid-19 will last a few months, so why not checking out ten money making games to play while in quarantine?

Lockdown is the perfect opportunity to experience the play to earn model and discover the magic world of NFTs, the in-game items that belong to you, forever.

Please note that blockchain games are relatively new if you are looking for mainstream games you might wanna check out Ubisoft’s or Epic Games free offers during the coronavirus outbreak. Watch Dogs is currently free.

This article contains various free to play games as well as ones that require a purchase. Let’s start with the basics.

Why Blockchain Games

  1. Decentralized Economy, meaning that you can earn crypto (real money) while playing.
  2. The items are sacred and stored in your wallet (inventory). You can sell them at any time to various decentralized NFT Marketplaces. 
  3. You will be one of the first in the world to experience the most innovative gaming model, the play to earn!

What to Expect

Let me begin that some games will require you to have a crypto wallet, also known as an address. Depending on the blockchain, you might need a different one for each game. But, to make this simpler for you, I have included some games that don’t require a wallet or any other technical knowledge to play.

The purpose of this article is to induct you into crypto gaming, a new, yet fascinating way of gaming that rewards players. Don’t expect to replace your 9-5 day job, but it’s definitely a good start and you will gain a ton of experience. Also, note that the majority of the games in this article have tradeable items for money on OpenSea and other decentralized marketplaces. So, in-game items you might earn while playing have a real-world value.

Hash Rush – Oldie But Goldie

GenreReal-Time Strategy
PriceFree to play

One of the very first RTS games that take place in the fictional Hermeian galaxy. In Hush Rush, players can build and expand a mining colony using constructions and unique buildings. Raise your army to battle against monsters, accumulate Crypto Crystals from your planet, and trade various resources.

Hash Rush unlocks tokenized (NFT) in-game items as rewards, including other bonus prizes while playing. Overall, it’s a great game to have fun and its unique gameplay is definitely interesting.

Hash Rush only requires to create an account on their website to start playing.

Read more about Hash Rush.


Gods Unchained – The Future of eSports

GenreTrading Card Game
PriceFree to play 
PlatformPC & Mac

Probably the most promising and well-crafted card game on the Blockchain. Gods Unchained is always adding new content and organizes weekly tournaments to keep the players engaged.

The grand tournament has a prize pool of $570,000, and GU is making moves to become a world-known eSports game. Millions of cards have been sold as of today, and the proven scarcity offers a significant advantage when it comes to trading in comparison to other popular titles such as Hearthstone.

Gods Unchained requires to create an account on their website. Link your Ethereum wallet with the game, and you are good to go. 

I can safely say that it’s one of the best choices for any TCG gamer. Win duels, get cards, repeat.

Read more about Gods Unchained.

Decentraland – The Virtual World

GenreVirtual World
PriceFree (Unique Avatar 100 MANA)
PlatformWeb & VR

Not exactly a game, but a gaming experience full of mini-games and friends! Decentraland is a community-owned virtual world based on the Blockchain where you can play a variety of games, solve puzzles, and meet new friends.

You can play with a VR headset or without using your PC. Think of it as an advanced second life with numerous opportunities, both social and financial.

Play for free as a guest with no limitations or get your unique avatar for only 100 MANA, the in-game cryptocurrency. Decentraland contains hundreds of fun things to do, including a casino!

If you feel creative, try the Decentraland builder and create your very own amazing sceneries.

Read more about Decentraland.

Crypto Idle Miner – Mine The World

GenreIdle, Clicker
PriceFree to play
PlatformAndroid & iOS

Crypto Idle Miner is a mining simulation mobile game where you have challenged to create a mining empire in various places. CIM is well designed and will offer endless hours of fun, as long as you are into idle games.

Unlock equipment upgrades such as air vents, mining rigs, and power supplies. Train your employees for maximized efficiency and select your desired cryptocurrencies to mine.

Be aware that this is a game. It doesn’t mine any real crypto, rather than rewarding players at the end of each week with HORA Tokens, the in-game TRON based cryptocurrency.

Earn hora token while playing and exchange them in any marketplace for cash. CIM is a fun game to play, but don’t expect to make much.

Crypto Idle Miner might be an idle game, but still, you can play all day long. Note that it requires hours of gaming to reach higher leagues and get better rewards.

Axie Infinity – Lovely or Deadly?

GenreTrading Card Game
PriceAround 2$ per Axie (7$ for a team of 3)
PlatformPC, Mac, iOS, Android

Axie Infinity is one of the oldest crypto collectible games that now proudly wears the TCG Tag. Get some Axies from the marketplace and start fighting other players. 

In Axie Infinity, you can win Love Potions during battles and quests that are used for the Breeding procedure. Use them to create an army of Axies or sell them in the marketplace for money.

Axies come in various genres. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages on the battlefield, and they are all unique. There are infinite combinations and eight different body parts.

Overall, Axie Infinity is a great game that doesn’t require a lot of money to play. It’s worth the amount you need to “invest”, and you can always sell your Axies to the marketplace.

A later update will include land plots that will change the landscape of the game. Axie Infinity is an Ethereum game. You will need Metamask extension installed to buy at least 3 Axies and form a team.

Blockchain Cuties – The DNA Finest

GenreCollectible, Strategy
PriceFree to Play (Starting Cats) or about 0,50$ per cat
PlatformWeb, Mobile

Soon to be a strategy game with land owned by the players, clans, and many more features! Blockchain Cuties started as a clone of CryptoKitties, but it quickly took its own path due to its overwhelming community and constant updates. There are a lot of things to do while playing, from sending your cats to adventures to fighting other players and raid bosses.

Breed your cuties and increase your collection with bears, lizards, dogs, cubs, and other 100% unique creatures.

Blockchain Cuties is a multi-chain game. You can play on Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and NEO blockchains. Each cutie is a non-fungible token that can be transferred or sold to other players, just like a regular cryptocurrency. It’s a good choice to start playing and the low cost to get some cats makes it ideal.

Dissolution – Kill them all!

PriceFree to Play
PlatformSteam (PC)

A triple-A first-person shooter game powered by the Enjin Blockchain that takes place in the future and along with your friends, you can play various modes such as FFA, Zombies mode, and more.
Try the single-player campaign to learn the basics, earn in-game money to unlock weapons that go straight to your Ethereum wallet, and participate in the bi-weekly tournaments for big prizes.
Dissolution aims to become an MMORPG by 2021 with fractions and much much more!

The game is free to play through the Steam platform in alpha access. The latest update includes optimization for various elements and the gaming experience is decent for a game in alpha stage.

Dissolution is a member of the gaming Multiverse, some in-game items are playable to some other games also powered by the Enjin blockchain. It does not require a wallet to play, but to receive rewards, it’s necessary.

Splinterlands – Fast-Paced TCG Experience

Price10$ (Start for free and buy if you like it)
PlatformWEB & Mobile

One of the most popular blockchain games as of today which is both exciting and fast. The predefined battles make it a favorite choice among the blockchain gamers, and the Splinterlands community is continuously expanding with thousands of active players.

Create an account for free and start exploring the world of Splinterlands. If you like the game, you can get a starter pack for 10$ with PayPal, crypto, or credit card, which will unlock in-game rewards.

Select your deck of cards based on the particular game’s rules, submit it, and wait for your opponent. Once both players submit their cards, the battle begins automatically, and you can sit back to watch the fight. There is nothing to do during the fight expect watching. While many players might find this boring, it’s a significant element that makes Splinterlands unique and fast, resulting in dozens of games in just a few minutes.

Crypto Space Commander – Explore The Space

GenreSpace MMO

Crypto Space Commander (CSC) is a sandbox space MMO with its own decentralized economy. Players can mine resources in space, own spaceships, and trade with other players.

Fight enemy forces using your fleet of ships and discover uncharted areas. CSC has brought famous ships from well-known movies such as Star Trek and uses Ethereum blockchain to operate the in-game economy.
CSC has a price tag of around 9$ on Steam, and you only need to create an account to play.

EOS Dynasty – Can You Survive?

GenreRPG & PVP
PriceFree with in-game purchases
PlatformAndroid & iOS

At the time of writing this article, EOS Dynasty is played by around 3,000 active daily players. It’s an RPG & PVP game on the EOS blockchain where you can climb the leaderboard by fighting players.

EOS Dynasty allows you to forge equipment, melt items, and stake the in-game currency called TKT. The arena will keep you occupied for a while, and the in-game rewards can be sold to the marketplace for EOS.

EOS Dynasty requires an EOS account, download the game, follow the instructions (very easy – just install Wombat wallet) and start playing.

I hope you like this list of money making games. If you care to find out more, you can visit our comprehensive Blockchain Games list and of course, the Multiverse Games list.

Before going away, remember this advice: They are games and not investment opportunities.Treat them as games and only. Go have fun.

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