Play To Earn Halloween Events For 2021

Play to earn Halloween events

Trick or Treat?

This year it seems we have a humble blockchain gaming Halloween as the most popular blockchain games haven’t organized something, don’t get disappointed though, because we search and found some of the best Halloween events.

Some of the events will allow you to play and earn, while others are giveaways and contests with decent prizes. Let’s have a look at all of them.

The Trick-or-NFTreat Giveaway by Enjin.

Enjin is sharing a series of QR codes where users can earn a guaranteed Halloween-themed NFT on Jumpnet Network. Scan the QR to claim Haunt-O-Ween season and collect a series of free NFTs.

*Please note that the QR has a limited ammount of tokens, users might have redeem all. Keep an eye out on Enjin’s Twitter account for further drops.

Halloween Treasure Hunt in Decentraland.

Join the virtual world of Decentraland for a 5 day treasure hunt with prizes for each day and a grand prize for those that will manage to solve the entire mystery. The event will be live 27th-31st October on genesis area.

Participate by following this link.

Another event in Decentraland, “Deadfellaz: Infected” will take place on 29th of October, 7pm EST with a series of fun events. For more information check the tweet below.

REVV Racing Halloween Events.

REVV Racing hosts a series of 4 events with hundreds of prizes for the winners. Race, get social and win! More information can be found in the tweet below.

Lost Relics Darkness Reborn.

Lost Relics has been the most popular Enjin game and this year, they are organizing a special event! Play and collect to win special Halloween in-game assets!

For more information visit the medium article.

Polkamonsters Halloween Event.

The Giant Pumpkin has arrived in Polkamonsters, fight against the Halloween Boss to win. We don’t know yet the exact results so keep an eye out if that interests you.

Theta TV Trick or Treat.

Feeling creative? Theta TV is hosting an Halloween NFT giveaway contest on Twitter. Create a spooky-creative themed post and participate in the event to win your own Halloween-themed Theta NFT.

For more information visit this link.

Wanaka Farm Halloween Event.

You still have one day to participate, create a meme and win one of the ten Halloween themed Undead Zombie Pet Wanaka NFts.

For more information and how to participate visit the medium article.

CryptoBlades Halloween Art Contest.

Design a Halloween raid boss and win in-game assets in Cryptoblades. You have until October 30th!

For more information check the tweet below.

Bones Club & The Nemesis Halloween Event.

The Nemesis in co-operation with Bones Club are organizing a Halloween Event in the Bones Club Metaverse with lots of good vibes, music and special prizes. Find more information in the tweet below.

Kawaii Islands Haloween Party.

Every player with level 12 and above will have a unique referral code to invite their friends, both the referrer and referee will get some rewards. For more information check the tweet below.

Thank you for reading our Play To Earn Halloween Events article. This is a humble Halloween, I have to admit we were expecting more events in the space. Next Halloween will be on fire for sure!