Kingdom Karnage to Integrate Kriptomat Services

Kingdom Karnage to Integrate Kriptomat Services

The Multiverse-enabled European cryptocurrency exchange, Kriptomat, released a payment widget option allowing webmasters and developers to integrate it into websites, games, and applications. Kingdom Karnage is the first game to add this option on its website, and provide a seamless buy and sell crypto experience to its users.

Blockchain games demand users to buy, sell, store, and transfer cryptocurrencies or blockchain-based assets, making it difficult for newcomers to manage, especially when they have to use third-party exchanges.

Kingdom Karnnage allows ‘nocoiners’ to play the game instantly without having any previous knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Anyone can create an account and start playing to discover the blockchain integration in the process. When the time is right, users have to connect their Enjin wallet with the game in order to receive items, send any amount of crypto, trade, and more.

Kriptomat paying widget is the perfect solution for blockchain games that want to allow their users to manage crypto transactions in a few steps without leaving the game. Kingdom Karnage is the first from many to come that uses this service.

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