36 Blockchain Games to Play in 2021 – Play to Earn NFT & Crypto Rewards

36 Blockchain Games to Play in 2021.

So, you are looking for some of the best Blockchain Games to play in 2021? Look no further. This article has all the games you need to have an exciting new year, and a bag full of crypto and NFTs.

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Kingdom Karnage to Integrate Kriptomat Services

Kingdom Karnage to Integrate Kriptomat Services

The Multiverse-enabled European cryptocurrency exchange, Kriptomat, released a payment widget option allowing webmasters and developers to integrate it into websites, games, and applications. Kingdom Karnage is the first game to add this option on its website, and provide a seamless buy and sell crypto experience to its users. Blockchain games demand users to buy, sell, store, and transfer …

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Hunters of Rio Integrates NFTs to WordPress & Minecraft

A huge milestone achieved by Hunters of Rio as blockchain integration for Minecraft and WordPress is now live. The project takes the Multiverse concept to the next level by connecting games and experiences together.

The WordPress Plugin

Hunters of Rio now features a WordPress Plugin that allows users to buy assets and receive them straight to their Enjin wallet with just four simple steps. All you have to do is choose the item you want to purchase, update the wallet address on your Hunters of Rio account, proceed with the payment, and watch the token automatically distributed to your Ethereum address within minutes.

This plugin can be used by any third party that wishes to install it on a wordpres website, making NFT purchases a piece of cake. If you’re interested in installing this plugin, complete this form.

Hunters of Rio Minecraft Integration

After successfully building the Hunters of Rio Minecraft Server, now the Enjin integration came to life, starting with two epic characters, the Founder of Rio City and Mike. Note that more blockchain assets will become available on the server soon.

How it works

Enter the Hunters of Rio Minecraft Server and Scan or copy the QR code into your Enjin Wallet to synchronize your blockchain inventory with the server. Open your inventory (by pressing E) and click the “Blockchain Wallet” Icon, select the item you want to use, and it will be activated for you instantly.

Hunters of Rio currently supports Forgotten Artifacts, Minecraft and Kingdom Karnage.

Suggest an Ability For Kingdom Karnage & WIN!

Kingdom Karnage Multiverse game was always about the Community with the development team taking their time to receive feedback and implement ideas from the players. Now, it’s your time to suggest in-game abilities and get rewarded with cards! The team will choose an undefined number of winners to receive Siphon Power cards, Saevus, and Soul …

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Kingdom Karnage early adopters pre-sale

The new Multiverse game Kingdom Karnage hosts their presale following the popular selling method with the rest of the Enjin powered games. Players buy a chest and random item(s) is awarded. Read more about Kingdom Karnage At the Kingdom Karnage, presale participants can purchase Wyden chests. Each Wyden chest will cost 25$ and is available …

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Meltelbrot #23 – Karnage in the Kingdom – Latest Enjin powered presale opens tomorrow!

Today I’m chatting with Nick of Kepithor Studios, who are currently in development of their new trading card based game – Kingdom Karnage. Some of you may have seen these guys around on Telegram, and that’s because they’re a new adopter of the Enjin Blockchain Gaming Solution. They’ve already gifted us with their MFT (Multiverse …

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Kingdom Karnage The New Multiverse Game

Kingdom Karnage is one of the newest Multiverse games that utilize Enjin’s Blockchain SDK to provide a decentralized economy and ERC-1155 assets support in their game. The game will be available on multiple platforms including web, Android and iOS. Kingdom Karnage is an upcoming free to play Trading Card Game, featuring blockchain items and using …

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