The Best Blockchain Games to Play in 2022 – Play to Earn NFT & Crypto Rewards

36 Blockchain Games to Play in 2021.
36 Blockchain Games to play right now in 2021 and earn NFTs & Tokens.

Article is under update, check back again in a couple of days for new games.
So, you are looking for some of the Best Blockchain Games to play in 2022? Look no further. This article has all the games you need to have an exciting new year, and a bag full of crypto and NFTs.

The real deal of Blockchain Games is the Play to Earn concept. Meaning that while playing, you earn in-game items and crypto that you can later sell to other players. 2022 is the year of blockchain gaming and now is the right time to hope on and become an early adopter.

The SandBox

GenreVirtual World, SandboxApplies to many sub-genres
DevicePCMac version coming soon
Token$SANDEthereum ERC20
NetworkEthereumHybrid game
StatusOpen BetaPending full release
NFTYesERC-1155 & ERC-721
Free To PlayYesPlay To Earn
The Sandbox is free to play, but if you want land plots you have to buy them.

The Sandbox is a virtual gaming world on the Ethereum network where you can create your own custom experiences and play with others. Join your friends in different worlds or try to survive solo. By creating your Avatar, you will enjoy a more social & multiplayer experience.

With the VoxEdit, you can create assets and upload them to the in-game marketplace as ERC-1155 tokens. You can use these assets in the game or sell them to other players. 

The game features its native currency, The $Sand, which serves as the currency for all players’ transactions. It’s an ERC20 (Ethereum) Token, and some of its use cases are to purchase assets and Land from the marketplace or even stake it for rewards mining. SAND is available at various exchanges, including Binance, allowing players to trade them for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Each Land parcel inside the game is a piece of the Metaverse owned by players. Land tokens are ERC-721 assets. Landowners can build games and experiences and monetize their creations, rent them to game creators for a share of the earnings, and of course, sell them at the games decentralized marketplace or other external exchanges such as OpenSea.

Right now, you can play in various maps other players created or make your own.

The Six Dragons

DevicePC, Steam
Token$TSDT100:1 To ENJ
NetworkEnjinHybrid game
StatusAlphaPending full release
Free To PlayYesPlay To Earn
TSD is completely free to play and you can start earning right away.

The Six Dragons is an open-world RPG blockchain game with a billion randomly generated dungeons in a massive map full of adventures. Players fight various monsters to gain experience and drops. Some of the items you can pick up are blockchain-based assets that you sell right away or use to craft items and perform enchants. The roadmap contains multiplayer aspects implementation.

Are you brave enough to defeat the Six Dragons? Be careful when you explore the map.

TSD features governance NFT Tokens and enables DeFi/Yield Farming. The Six Dragons is part of the Enjin’s Multiverse interconnected games. Try other blockchain games to play with the TSD items, you will get amazed!

The in-game currency, $TSDT, is pegged 100:1 to $ENJ, meaning that 100 TSDT will always be 1 $ENJ.

The Six Dragons is currently on Enjin’s Jumpnet network and will port to Efinity in the next months.


GenreTCGFast-Paced Predefined Battles
DevicePC, MobileApp available for Android
TokenDEC & SPSDual Token Economy
NetworkHive blockchainHybrid game
StatusReleasedPending huge expansion
NFTYesIn Various Chains
Free To PlayNo, 10$Play To Earn
You can try Splinterlands for free, but to unlock rewards you need to buy the starter set for 10$.

Known for its fast-paced gameplay, Splinterlands is a card game where you build a deck every time before the battle begins. Each fight is automated, and results come in instantly, allowing you to play many games in a short period. Once the game matches you with an opponent of your skills, the battle rules appear with different terms and limitations every time. One deck is never enough but fear not. The game will reward you over time with cards and other goodies. So, smash your enemies and climb up the leaderboard for better rewards.

To start with the game, you have to purchase a starter set for $10. Before you proceed, you can try the game for free and decide later if you want to buy the starter set and unlock the game’s full potentials (including in-game rewards). 

How to earn in Splinterlands?

Earn DEC tokens for every victory you achieve. At the end of each season that lasts 15 days, players also earn cards and DEC Tokens based on the highest league achieved. The game also features tournaments for extra rewards. 

In addition to DEC, rewards may come in the form of SPS Tokens. There is also Staking available for SPS holders.

Extensive gameplay with Land ownership.

The Land is an upcoming expansion that aims to enhance the gameplay. Splinterlands hosted a series of sold-out presales to distribute land plots that lasted a few minutes. From what we know so far, the Land implementation is part of a planned expansion, which is the most significant update in the game’s history. The update includes new types of cards and significant improvements in the battle system. Splinterlands is one of the most played blockchain games with thousands of unique active players and daily transaction volume.

DEC token is the in-game currency that handles the Splinterlands economy. Players earn DEC tokens in various ways, such as destroying unused cards or rewards for achieving victories.

Axie Infinity

GenreTCGReal-time card fights.
DevicePCFor Mobile use a Dapp Browser
Token$AXS, $SLPEthereum
NetworkRonin & EthereumRonin sidechain pending
StatusOfficial releasePending land expansion
NFTYesEthereum ERC-721 tokens
Free To PlayNo, 3 Axies ($60-$80)Play To Earn
You need 3 Axies to form a team and start playing. Ronin Sidechain pending for the game and NFTs.

Axie Infinity is a Pokemon inspired pet breeding and PVP fighting blockchain game. The game has various play to earn mechanics, including PvP battles that reward you with SLP potions. 

You can use SLP tokens for breeding 2 Axies and creating your breeding farm. Axie Infinity is the most popular blockchain games, thanks to it, play-to-earn and nft games became extremely popular in 2021 and 2022.

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) is the ERC 20 governance token. AXS holders have voting rights and can stake their tokens to claim DeFi rewards. You can trade AXS Tokens at Binance exchange.

The latest update for Axie Infinity is Axie Infinity Origins which features a complete reworked battle system and various additions such as enchanting and crafting. Axie Infinity Origins is in beta mode.

When SLP price had a significant value in contrast of the current levels, players from Indonesia, Venezuela, and other countries used to play Axie Infinity daily to sustain their household and pay for their expenses! Even though the price of SLP has tanked, Axie Infinity on May 13th, 2022, reported a bit less than one million players.

Find more info about Axie Infinity at our podcast with With Jihoz – Growth Lead of the game.

Gods Unchained

GenreTCGReal-time battles with 30 cards
DevicePC, Mac OSPC version has some bugs
NetworkImmutable XHybrid game
NFTYesEthereum ERC-721 tokens
Free To PlayYesPlay To Earn
Gods Unchained is free to play and you can win a lot of cards by playing.

Gods Unchained is a popular TCG game on Immutable X sidechain similar to Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering. Players fight in PVP battles and tournaments to rank up and win cards. You can use your cards to build a stronger deck or sell them to other players for crypto. 

Genesis cards are tokenized, and their price depends on the rarity and the quantity in circulation.

The high demand for in-game cards makes them extremely valuable. The game has a big transaction volume and thousands of active players, meaning that you most likely find a buyer for the cards earned quickly.

The game is free to play as it provides free cards to new users. When you start playing, you can earn cards with real value after playing fora couple of days.

It’s worth mentioning that Gods Unchained is one of the most popular Blockchain Games that has managed to onboard thousands of players unaware of Blockchain Gaming. Chris Clay, former game director of Magic: The Gathering Arena leads the game and it can definitely compete head to head any mainstream trading card game.

Blankos Block Party

GenreMMOAdventures with other players
DevicePCPC, MacOS
TokenYesNot on the blockchain
NetworkCustom EOSIOHybrid game
StatusOpen BetaRecently exited closed beta
NFTYesBlankos and accessories
Free To PlayYesPlay To Earn
You can play Blankos Block Party for free with a basic figure and purchase additional blankos or items.

Blankos Block Party is a fun MMO game where you can compete with other players in various activities. Anyone can build a map, challenge others on adventures, create and participate in any gameplay, including racing or shooting mini-games.

Some Blankos and items in the game are EOS-based tokenized NFTs. Users collect and trade different kinds of Blankos and items.

The game is free to play for everyone. Every new player will get a free non-tradable Blanko to start with the game. Although the game is free to play, there is an option to buy cosmetics, accessories, and limited-edition Blankos with real-life value. Without a doubt, Blankos Block Party is one of the best blockchain games to play in 2022.

To earn in Blankos, players need to complete daily missions and get rewarded with Moola tokens and in-game NFTs that can be later sold to other players.

9Lives Arena

GenrePvPReal-time 3D battles
DevicePCPS5 & Xbox plans
NetworkEnjinHybrid game
StatusEarly Access
NFTYesOoogies & skins
Free To PlayYesPlay To Earn
You can play Blankos Block Party for free with a basic figure and purchase additional blankos or items.

Built with the Enjin technology and part of the Multiverse connected games, 9 Lives Arena features skill-based 1v1 PVP permadeath battles. Players fight in the Arena to rank up the leaderboard where every victory counts. Items inside the game are tradable Enjin based ERC-1155 assets.

In the game, you can gather recourses, craft items, and train your in-game companion called Ooogy. Ooogy can do some resource gathering even when you are offline. Just feed him enough to give him the necessary energy to keep on working. Furthermore, there will be a mobile app to keep in touch with your Ooogy, even where you are away.

Overall, 9Lives Arena is the first 3D PvP blockchain game powered by Enjin, and the mechanics are great. It’s a pure PvP game for those who like real-time battles, and it has a ton of features to keep you occupied, including crafting, phishing, and more.

9Lives Arena uses a cosmetic marketplace, the game is pure skill-based, meaning that no one can defeat you because of better gear. 9LA rightfully belongs in our Blockchain Games to Play in 2021 list.

War Riders

GenreMMOWith driving and shooting
DevicePCNo plans for consoles
Token$BZN0.5$ internal exchange value
NetworkEthereumHybrid game
StatusOpen Beta
NFTYesCars and Guns are ERC-721
Free To PlayYesPlay To Earn
While War Riders is free to play, you will need some guns, or at least, drive away fast.

Inspired by the famous movie “Mad Max,” War Rider is a post-apocalyptic MMO blockchain game where you can blow up cars, mine BZN Tokens, customize and upgrade your car and weapons.

BZN Token is the only form of payment in the Wasteland, and players can use it as a currency in the game or trade it.

There are four ways to earn from War Riders.

  • Drive your way to BZN Waypoints, mine BZN, and return safely to your garage to secure your earnings.
  • Steal other players on the go and again return safely to your garage.
  • Rent your garage to other players.
  • Trade in-game cars and weapons with others from the in-game marketplace or OpenSea.

At the time, BZN is not available at any exchanges. Until then, you have the option to sell them at Opensea. Stay tuned for more info.

War Riders is free to play, you will be granted a free (non-tradeable) vehicle upon creating a new account.

Light Nite

GenreFPSMMO & Single player
DevicePCPlans for mobile
Token$BTCEarn Satoshi
NetworkBitcoinHybrid game
StatusEarly Access
Free To PlayNo (20$)Not yet
While War Riders is free to play, you will need some guns, or at least, drive away fast.

Light Nite is a low-poly graphics PvP game that works using Bitcoin’s lighting network. The battle-royale gameplay will grant you some rewards in Satoshi based on your gaming skills.

Players earn bitcoin every time they shoot an opponent and lose for every time they get hit. The single-player as well as multiplayer modes will keep you occupied for a while. Also, you can sell every item you loot in the game.

The game is currently available in early access with multiplayer mode. To play you need early access which comes at the price of 20$ with an avatar. Visit Light Nite using our link and receive a limited-edition egamers skin and a 30% discount. Beta is expected for March 2021.

Bitcoin daily chart and current price:

Lost Relics

GenreAction-Adventure RPGSingle player
DevicePC, Mac
NetworkEnjinHybrid game
NFTYesERC-1155 Items
Free To PlayYesPlay to Earn
Lost Relics is a fun top-down rpg game to play powered by the Enjin blockchain.

Lost Relics (formerly Forgotten Artifacts) is an action role-playing blockchain game where you can loot Enjin-backed items during dungeon adventures. The more you level up, the harder it becomes to kill monsters, but the loot is much better than before.

To start with the game, connect your Enjin wallet and summon one adventure stone to play. You can purchase adventure stones in the shop or win some in the “practice dungeon.” The game doesn’t offer a PVP experience yet, as it is still in the early stages of development.

Mega Crypto Polis

GenreSimulationCity building
DeviceWebNeeds metamask
Token$MEGAAlso $TRX & #ETH
NetworkMatic (ETH) & TRONFully Decentralized
StatusBeta3D Version is out
Free To PlayYesStart free, but need upgrades
MCP is one of the oldest blockchain games with over $4,5M in rewards since 2018.

MegaCryptoPolis is a city-building simulation game operating on both Ethereum (Matic) and Tron network. The game implements NFT trading, resources gathering, business building, land ownership, and MEGA token rewards.

Players populate the game’s map, and anyone can display and sell NFT items inside a building. Items and resources come in the form of ERC 721 tokens meaning that each one has its value. Besides, users can complete missions to earn MEGA rewards.

MEGA is an ERC-20 DeFi powered token used to handle the economy of the game. Players earn MEGA token Yield rewards while playing. The game has paid out more than $4.5 Million to its players since 2018. MCP has one of the highest payouts from all blockchain games to play to early investors.

MEGA holders may also operate liquidity mining operations to earn fees providing liquidity by adding MEGA to pools on UniSwap (Ethereum) or JustSwap (TRON Network).

$MEGA daily chart and current price:

IG Galaxy

GenrePlatformE-sports focused
DeviceWEBMultiple Games for PC etc
Token$IGGERC-20 token
NetworkMatic NetworkTokenized economy
Free To PlayYesPlay to Earn
Play your favorite competitive games and earn big.

IG Galaxy is a social, competitive gaming and esports platform running on the Matic network. The platform reward users with Crypto to play popular games and participate in e-sports tournaments.

IGG host tournaments for mainstream games like FIFA 21, Fortnite, and Rocket League where anyone can participate without being a Pro Player and claim IGG rewards.

IGG is the token used for the economy of the game. Users can stake IGG to earn rewards based on their gaming achievements and trade it for Crypto to external exchanges like Uniswap.

It’s worth mentioning that the IG Galaxy ecosystem contains multiple e-sports teams and each one of them has its own token. Additionally, players can freeze IGG and earn ORBS tokens as a reward. ORBS can be exchanged from within the platform to IGG.

$IGG daily chart and current price:

Forest Knight
DeviceAndroidAlso on Galaxy Store
Token$ENJERC-20 token
NetworkEnjinHybrid Game
StatusEarly Access
NFTYesIn-Game items (ERC-1155)
Free To PlayYesPlay to Earn
Fun RPG turn-based game to play on the go with enjin-backed items.

Built with Enjin’s technology, Forest Night is a turn-based strategy Mobile game that utilizes the ERC-1155 Token Standard and provides a real-world economy to its players.

Visit the World Map, proceed through different levels, fight monsters, level up, and earn Enjin backed items loot. When you reach level 6, you will unlock the Arena to compete in PVP battles.

Forest Knight is a fun mobile game that you can play on the go and get rewarded for your time. Come up with a decent strategy and complete all missions to become an all-star player.


GenreManagerFantasy Football
DeviceWebPlay from any computer
Token$ETHERC-20 token
NetworkEthereumHybrid Game
StatusEarly Access
NFTYesIn-Game items (ERC-1155)
Free To PlayYesPlay to Earn
Fun RPG turn-based game to play on the go with enjin-backed items.

Sorare is a global fantasy football game featuring limited-edition cards from real-world football players. Players compose a team of 5 cards and compete with others for weekly prizes.

The rank of each card depends on each player’s performance in real-life matches. You can trade cards in the games marketplace. Sorare has successfully secured partnerships with top Football clubs worldwide and has officially licensed more than 100 clubs, including Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munchen, and others.

One of the world’s greatest defenders, Gerard Piqué has joined the Sorare Team as Strategic Advisor and investor. The investment from the Barcelona player, in addition to the US-based fund Cassius Family, brings Sorare’s total seed to €7m ($8.6m).

Sorare players trade hundreds of thousands of dollars each week for players, making it one of the most active Blockchain Games available.

  • The game offers to every new player ten free cards.

Chain Games

GenrePlatformMultiple games
DeviceVariousMostly PC Games
Token$CHAINERC-20 token
NetworkEthereumHybrid Games
Free To PlayYesPlay to Earn
Multiple blockchain games and Wager platform for mainstream games

Chain Games is an esports contest platform and a gaming ecosystem that develops competitive games and provides developers with tools to integrate their products. Chain Games released a Call of Duty Modern Warfare integration to their platform and plans for more mainstream games to follow. 

Users can play any game associated with the Chain Games platform and earn CHAIN rewards based on their performance. Besides the external game’s implementation, Chain Games also develops its own titles, including a racing game called Super Crypto Kart and Chain O, a UNO game on the blockchain. 

Users can join the Chain Games platform, compete in PVP battles, and wager with $CHAIN tokens on the outcome. Stake the winnings for more earnings.

$CHAIN daily chart and current price:



GenreMMO, FPSOther genres apply also
Token$ENJERC-20 token
NetworkEnjinHybrid Game
StatusEarly Access
Free To PlayNo, 18$Buy on Steam or website
Alterverse Disruption is the first game of its series powered by the enjin blockchain

AlterVerse is a VR compatible blockchain game running on the Enjin network and works as a Multiverse inside the Multiverse. The first game available is the AlterVerse Disruption, currently playable on early access on the Steam platform. AlterVerse plans to release more games that will interact with each other, and all together will be part of the Enjin’s Multiverse. 

AlterVerse Disruption is a fast action, shoot-em-up Space Adventure game that combines five different modes: Starship Raider, Capture the Flag, Fight to the death, PVP battles, Save the ship in the Hero’s Quest, and Esports tournaments with Prizes.

“Faces” is the in-game currency that handles the AlterVerse economy. Players earn Faces from various in-game activities, including raiding ships, winning PVP matches, and more.

Dark Country

GenreTCG, CCGCard Game
TokenMultiple tokens
NetworkMultiple NetworksHybrid Game
StatusAlphaYou need access token to play
NFTYesVarious standards
Free To PlayYesPending release
Dark Country brings something unique and different in the CCG genre.

Dark Country is an American gothic TCG blockchain game running on the WAX network. The game implements unique NFT’s in the form of digital cards and special skins. Dark Country support multiple blockchain platforms to be more accessible by various users.

Besides the PVP battles, Dark Country offers tournaments where up to 10% of all gatherings from presales go to a prize pool to fund extra rewards.

Dark Country will provide you a few fantastic game modes based on CCG: Classic CCG, Auto Battler mode and Living board CCG while players can create their own mods.

The game is currently available at early access. 


GenreVirtual WorldSandbox
DeviceWebRuns on any computer
Token$MANAERC-20 token
Free To PlayYesPay for unique nickname
Explore the huge open world of Decentraland and make new virtual friends for life.

Decentraland is a public platform that operates as a metaverse of connected games. Think of it as a virtual world where you can build and explore 3D creations, play games, or just hang out with friends.

Your Avatar is your passport to the Metaverse. Customize your Avatar with characteristics and clothes and claim your one of a kind nickname.

Landowners determine the content on their LAND to create experiences for other players. Use the builder to design and create your slice of the virtual world and hit the marketplace to sell and trade items with others. Users can use MANA Tokens for trading goods and services and claim in-game rewards.

Looking for blockchain games to play? Decentraland has a ton of them!

$MANA daily chart and current price:

Soccer Manager Elite

DevicePCRuns on Windows
Token$XAYA$SMC for in-game
NetworkXAYAFully Decentralized
Free To PlayYesOptions to purchase in-game
The best manager game available on the blockchain with high potentials.

Powered by XAYA and the CHI token, Soccer Manager Elite is a multiplayer management Football blockchain game where you can become a Shareholder, manager, or agent. 

Users can buy and sell shares in Football clubs or players whose value depends on their performance and manage teams using the right tactics like a real manager.

Soccer Manager Elite offers a Football experience with hundreds of clubs and real-time matches. The SM franchise counts millions of downloads and this game is considered the evolution of the SM series.

The game is currently available at the early Beta phase with limited clubs available. Without a doubt, SME is one of the most promising blockchain games you can play.

$XAYA daily chart and current price:

Kingdom Karnage

GenreTCGTurn-based RPG
DeviceWeb, Android, PC
Token$ENJERC-20 token
NetworkEnjinHybrid game
NFTYesErc-1155 In-game items
Free To PlayYesOptions to purchase in-game
Kingdom Karnage is a multiverse-enable game powered by the Enjin platform.

Kingdom Karnage is an Enjin based multiverse game with trading cards on the blockchain, fight in PVP battles for rewards, and various dungeons to explore and level up. 

In-game characters are tradable assets that can level up their stats by combining the same cards. Two “level 1” cards combine to “level 2”, two “level 2” combine to a “level 3” and so on. The more you level up a card, the more you increase its value on the market and its combat stats.

In your quest to earn in-game cards, you can visit dungeons to fight powerful enemies solo or with your friends and compete in PVP battles.


GenreBoard gameWith collectible assets
DeviceWebAccessible from mobile
Token$UPXInternal token only
NetworkEOSYou don’t need wallet to play.
NFTYes Properties are NFTs
Free To PlayFreemium10k $UPX (10$) grants Visa.
Upland: The world on a board with the blessing of the blockchain.

If you still like playing Monopoly, then Upland is for you. Imagine the world being a Monopoly board but on the blockchain.

Powered by the EOS blockchain, Upland is a property trading metaverse based on real-world addresses. The game is available on both Web and Mobile modes. As an endless board, there are endless moves. A good idea might be to focus on the collections that increase your income.

UPX is the in-game currency that players use to trade properties on the Marketplace and claim rewards in various gaming activities like a treasure hunt and more. Also, when you complete a collection of properties with the same characteristic, you’ll boost your UPX earnings.

Upland is one of the most 3 playable blockchain games. You can play for free, but if you don’t log in for a week, you lose your progress. To avoid this, you can purchase 10$ of UPX worth (or earn it) and keep your account active even if you don’t play.

$UPX is an internal token only, meaning that you can’t trade it to exchanges. Because of this, Upland has partnered with the financial division of Linden Lab (creators of Second Life) to allow earnings withdrawals in FIAT currencies.


GenreSimulationRaise, build and breed
DevicePC, MobileAndroid version in plans
StatusPre-AlphaBeta coming next months
NFTYes ERC-1155 Cubes & cosmetics
Free To PlayYesPlay to Earn
Nestables is a game for every age.

Nestables is a crypto collectible game running on the Enjin network, and part of the Multiverse connected games. Players collect and raise pet cubes in the form of ERC-1155 tokens. Each Cube has it’s own traits, decorative features, unique DNA, and personality. You can breed your cubes, train them, gather resources, and use them in plenty of in-game activities.

Players earn Crypto in Nestables in two ways. 

Breeding cubes and selling them on the Enjin X marketplace. 

  • Each Cube is unique, with different stats and characteristics. The game backs all Cubes with the same amount of ENJ tokens, so their price depends on the market demand based on their factors.

Selling Wearables and Skins.  

  • Each wearable NFT also contains ENJ tokens. Using the build editor, you can design buildings, homes, and Nest decorations. You can sell your creations in the Marketplace or gift them to your friends.

Overall, Nestables is a game crafted with love and for all ages. The developers release monthly updates on medium, and its community is growing steadily.

To play Nestables, you need a Founders Token and a Cube. In case you don’t have them, you should wait for the open beta, which is getting closer day by day.

NBA Top Shot

GenreCollectibleWith cards and moments
DeviceWebAccessible from mobile
TokenNoPayments With CC and crypto
NetworkFlowIn-House developed Blockchain
NFTYes Cards are NFTs
Free To PlayNoPay to play
NBA Top Shot introduces the masses to NFTs and collectibles.

The NBA’s digital memorabilia platform is officially licensed and features unique collectible moments from NBA highlights stored on the blockchain.

Users buy card packs (which are quite expensive) and win random video highlights that can later use to complete collections and brag about it to friends and other players.

NBA Top-Shot has a massive user base, and they are dropping new ‘card packs’ every week. The majority of them are sold-out in a few minutes. The platform sees daily growth as more and more NBA fans, and collectible investors find out about NBA Top Shot.

The primary way to earn through NBA Top Shot is by selling cards you already bought for a higher price. The marketplace is very active, and if you know your away around NBA, this might be a good opportunity for you.

NBA Top Shot is brought to you by Dapper Labs, the creators of Cryptokitties, Flow Blockchain, and Dapper extension.

Sky Weaver

GenreTCGCard collectible
DeviceWindows, Mac, Linux, MobileIncludes Android & iOS
TokenNoPayments With CC and crypto
StatusClosed Beta
NFTYes Cards are ERC-1155 NFTs
Free To PlayYesPlay to Earn
Sky Weaver has something unique to offer in the TCG genre.

Sky Weaver is a free to play TCG on Matic Network. Players summon creatures and cast spells to face their opponents in PVP battles for new card rewards. The more wins you achieve, the more you rank up in the game to earn newly minted blockchain-based cards. You can sell these cards to other players or use them to create a stronger Deck.

The game has designed and implemented a token contract that reduces the Gas fees by 80% to 90%.

Horizon Games, the company developing Skyweaver, raised $3.75 Million in 2019 through a seed round lead by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

“I cannot wait for people to play SkyWeaver. It’s a brand new gaming experience that resurrects all the fun of childhood collectible card games – in a browser – and with the ability to trade cards just like in the old days.”
– Alexis Ohanian, Reddit Co-Founder

There are constant tournaments and the top 1000 players in this closed beta round will win a Gold card. Gold cards are considered to be the best option in Sky Weaver.

Sky Weaver is available right now for Web and Mobile and there are more than 170,000 players in the waiting list. Ask for a beta code in the Sky Weaver Discord and you might be lucky.

Crypto Space Commander

GenreMMOSpace-themed sandbox
DeviceWindowsAvailable on Steam
Token$ETHUses Ethereum
NFTYes ERC-721
Free To PlayYesNeeds in-game purchases.
Fan of Star Trek? Play Crypto Space Commander and find your “own” USS Discovery.

Crypto Space Comander is a Space MMO blockchain-based game with fast-paced combat, uncapped crafting system and a robust player-driven economy.

Travel to various star systems and mine resources to upgrade your fleet or craft new items that might have value in the secondary marketplace. The game utilizes the Ethereum blockchain for the in-game economy and digital goods(NFTs).

Whether you are a casual gamer or an entrepreneur looking to develop a next-generation economy, CSC is your go-to space game. The gameplay is astonishing with endless things to do such as raiding, transporting resources back to your base, etc.

Crypto Space Commander has established a partnership with the popular TV Series, Star Trek, bringing multiple ships in the game. Make sure you hail with respect when you see USS Discovery on your radar.

Town Star

GenreSimulationFarm, Tournaments
DeviceWebPlay with any PC
Token$GALAERC-20 token
NetworkEthereumHybrid game
Free To PlayYesPlay to Earn

Developed by the co-founder of Zynga (Farmville), Eric Schiermeyer, Town Star takes a different approach to farm simulation with weekly tournaments, a tokenized economy, and player-owned in-game items.

Instead of developing a farm forever, Town Star resets the player’s progress in every tournament while maintaining a non-competitive, free for all mode with over 9,000 enlisted players at the time of writing this article.

The graphics are good, making it playable on every dusted computer, compared to the previous months, the ecosystem of Gala Games (Town Star and Mirandus) sees some tremendous growth. The empty Town Star world map is now overpopulated and hard to find a spot near major cities if you enlist late.

Overall, Town Star is a game you should give a go, don’t expect to achieve a top place in the leaderboard easily, it will take some time to learn the in-game mechanics and how to build and develop further a farm, in a fast-pace.

You can trade earned in-game Town Star assets on OpenSea.

$Gala Token daily chart and current price:

Hash Rush

GenreRTSTop-down single player
DevicePCPlayable only on PC
Token$RUSHERC-20, Exchanges listing pending
NetworkEthereum (Pending)Hybrid Game
StatusEarly BetaBlockchain implementation in Beta
NFTYesSkins & Equipments
Free To PlayYesPlay To Earn

Hash Rush is an online sci-fi, Real-Time Strategy game and one of our favorites! The gameplay takes place in the fantasy world of the Hermeian galaxy where players build a colony on a unique planet and fight magic creatures for valuable resources and territory occupation.

Ernacs are the backbone of your colony, these little monsters can take the role of civilians to help your colony thrive and fighters to expand on the planet. After your first expenditures, you will have enough resources to start crafting items.

Besides growing your colony, you will have to gather Crypto Crystals and earn in-game tokenized rewards and other prizes.

Players will compete in a leaderboard for galaxy points which are received through killing monsters, destroying bases, crafting etc. Another ways to earn can be by crafting and selling rare equipment or completing quests etc.

Keep in mind the game economy is yet to be revealed. Find here the Hash Rush Roadmap with the latest development updates and plans for 2021.

Crop Bytes

DeviceWeb, MobilePC and Android
Token$TRXUses TRON’s cryptocurrency.
NetworkTRONHybrid Game
Free To PlayNo7 Days trial

Crop Bytes takes pride in the first farm simulation game to use a tokenized economy. It’s been out since 2018 and the new version has a revamped interface and 3D graphics. Featuring a real-world farming economy, players produce and trade goods like fruits, water and crops in the marketplace. The gameplay offers the ability to become a service provider with mills and other mechanics.

Accessible from the web and smartphones, start your farming business and set your own production and trading strategies based on the market conditions. Crop Bytes also have an affiliate system that rewards you for inviting others.

While Crop Bytes is not free to play and requires you to buy each item individually, every new player receives some trial assets for 7 days and you get to keep the items produced. After that, you have to buy items that produce resources from other players.


GenrePlatformEarn through gaming and tasks
DeviceWeb, MobilePC and Android
Token$WombucksTraded directly for cryptocurrencies
StatusReleasedReleased recently
Free To PlayYes

Womplay is the newest crypto-earning platform in the market focusing on games. The application allows you to play various mainstream mobile games and earn Wombucks that are directly tradeable for crypto. Besides the classic games, you can also earn double by playing blockchain games.

Playing Prospectors for example from wombat application (EOS wallet and access provider for Womplay) rewards you up to 2000 Wombucks per day, plus whatever you earn by playing the game.

Thankfully, the Wombat application takes care of your free EOS account creation in no time, a process that might sound easy, but it’s a nightmare, especially for regular users.

Overall, Womplay is a great app to have installed on your smartphone. Challenge will keep you occupied and other blockchain games will grant you double rewards.

Blockchain Cuties

GenreCollectible, StrategyAutomated adventures
DeviceWebAccessible from smartphones also
Token$CUTEERC-20 token
NetworkEthereum, TRON, NEO, EOS, MaticMultiple chains
StatusReleasedHuge update upcoming
NFTYesERC-721, Pets, Items & Potions
Free To PlayYesStarter, non-tradeable pet for free

BC, in short, is one of the oldest games around with deep gameplay, a crafting system, and a great upcoming Land update that promises to transform Blockchain Cuties into a Strategy game.

The main characters are little pets that look good but are dangerous! Each pet is unique with different characteristics and traits, furthermore, pets can equip various in-game items to improve stats.

Take your pets on multiple challenges and let them come back with rewards, craft whatever you believe is valuable, and sell them in the market. Blockchain Cuties items can be found on OpenSea and other markets.

BC operates on multiple blockchains with the latest to be Matic Network. Thumbs up for the constant news flow from the development team.

Listen to Vladimir Tomko, CEO of Blockchain Cuties talking about the upcoming expansion and the game itself on “Games From The Block” podcast.

$CUTE token daily chart and current price:


GenreRTS, MMOHeavily focused on economy
DeviceWebPlayable with any mobile Dapp Browser
Token$PGLEOS token
NetworkEOS, WAXFully Decentralized
StatusBetaIts been in beta for a while
NFTYesEOS & WAX-based
Free To PlayYesContains in-game purchases

Let’s get back to the 19th century and find some good old gold. Prospectors is all about mining minerals, crafting, and trading on the market. Players can rent properties and land for 30 Days and monetize it by either mining or building a service for the other players.

There two servers to choose from, the “Wild West” that supports $EOS and “Yukon” with $WAX. Take a piece of advice, play at Yukon, its the recommended server.

Back in 2019, the simplest strategy could earn you per day about 2,5$ for 5* minutes of gaming with a 50$ initial investment, nowadays, the game has changed, including the market prices. From our experience, you should take a good look at the market, take out your calculator, and start doing numbers to find the best-earning strategy.

Send your workers for work, start earning some gold, convert it to $PGL and conquer the map.

$PGL daily chart and current price:

Alien Worlds

GenreRTS, MiningOffers staking, heavy DeFi concept
TokenTrilium10 Billion supply
NetworkWAXFully decentralized
NFTYesEOS & WAX tokens
Free To PlayYesPlay to Earn

The newest game that managed to climb in the dapp ranking leaderboards, Alien Worlds is a blockchain-based web game described as a DAO in space. Following the DeFi craze, players mine through multiple planets by selecting specific land plots. Each plot has a sole owner that takes a cut of the mining resources in Trilium, the 10 billion supply in-game token.

The process sounds straightforward, receive Trlium and NFTs for mining, buy and own land to receive commissions, stake Trilium to boost planet rewards, and battle against other players for glory and rewards.

Digital goods in Alien Worlds comes in the form of cards. Each card has its own boost and traits such as charge time multipliers and other stats

Bitcoin Hodler

DeviceAndroid, iOSiOS on Test Flight
NetworkEnjinHybrid game
NFTYesERC-1155 tokens
Free To PlayYesPlay to Earn

How long can you hold? Bitcoin Hodler is a 2D mobile-based game with Enjin-backed digital goods. We can describe it as an arcade-style action-runner adventure where players earn crypto by breaking balloons along the way.

Bitcoin Hodler uses Non-fungible tokens (in-game items) that contain $ENJ tokens inside. That way, you are sure your token has a base value. Some of the in-game items are Multiverse enabled, meaning that you can play various other games with the same item.

The game entered the public beta stage back in 2020 and its available for Google Play and iOS for test flight.

Tron Game Center
GenrePlatformMultiple kind of games
DeviceMobileDedicated Android app
NetworkEthereum, TRONGames are centralized
Free To PlayYesPay to play

Tron Game Center is a blockchain gaming platform that provides various games with Tron and Ethereum based tokens rewards. Tron Game Center features weekly competitions where you can compete for crypto prizes without having to place any bets.

The platform contains multiple single and multiplayer genre games such as a Farm simulator, an FPS shooter, a racing game, an upcoming TCG, and more.

$TGCD is a Tron based token that handles the platforms economy. Players earn $TGCD tokens and various other cryptocurrencies from the platform’s partners, including BTT (Bit Torrent currency) and more. You can exchange $TGCD for $TRX or freeze them to earn daily dividends in $TRX.

$TGCD daily chart and current price:

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