The Six Dragons Goes JumpNet, Lead to Changes in Yield Farming and Tokenomics

The Six Dragons Jumpnet & Tokenomics

In a class of its own as the first open-world, a role-playing game built on the foundation of the powerful Ethereum blockchain, The Six Dragons have been amassing a huge following of loyal players and their strong community is a living and breathing testament that blockchain technology and the utilization of coins and NFTs is …

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The Six Dragons Gearing Up For JumpNet Release

The Six Dragons gearing up for jumpnet release

The moment we all have been waiting is near. On April 6th, Enjin will launch the first stage of its scaling solution called JumpNet.  JumpNet will solve the Ethereum transaction issues that take time and exorbitant fees. While I will be focusing on The Six Dragons in this article, JumpNets’ launch will mark the restart of NFT trading …

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36 Blockchain Games to Play in 2021 – Play to Earn NFT & Crypto Rewards

36 Blockchain Games to Play in 2021.

So, you are looking for some of the best Blockchain Games to play in 2021? Look no further. This article has all the games you need to have an exciting new year, and a bag full of crypto and NFTs.

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Is This The World’s First Universal Crafting System?

Universal Crafting System

In Brief: BlockPegnio to release CraftingSimulator service. A Universal Crafting System with interoperable assets. Other games can use it through APIs. Not long ago, The multiverse-enabled RPG, “The Six Dragons,” introduced the Governance NFTs. A series of in-game digital goods that offer yield farming, voting power, and governor status in the vast open-world map of …

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The Six Dragons Governance NFT Limited Presale To Start December 5

The Six Dragons

It’s time for another sale for the open-world RPG, The Six Dragons. The Enjin-based game is always ahead of development with 170 patch releases in the past 335 days, and the new governance system is expected to launch in the first half of 2021 for PC, and Q4 for Playstation 5. In this limited Presale, …

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The Six Dragons: PS5, DeFi, Yield Farming


BlockPegnio, the company behind the Enjin based Multiverse game The Six Dragons, announced their plans to implement governance NFTs and enable DeFi/Yield Farming by using the Enjin’s technology. BlockPegnio has already secured a partnership with PlayStation and will launch a PlayStation 5 version of The Six Dragons in Q4 2021. By developing a PS5 version that will also …

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Chainlink VRF is Live on Ethereum And Embraces Blockchain Gaming

Chainlink tap into gaming with VRF (Verifiable Random Function)

Chainlink tap into gaming with VRF (Verifiable Random Function) technology that went live earlier today on the Ethereum network. VRF is a highly secure and provably fair source of on-chain randomness for all kinds of blockchain-based applications, NFTs, and games.  On May 23, 2020, The Six Dragons, a Multiverse Game powered by the Enjin ecosystem, became one of …

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Is This The First Blockchain Game For Playstation 5?

Is This The First Blockchain Game For Playstation 5?

We are about a month away from the official PS5 release, exciting days for the console gamers, especially for the Playstation fans. Exciting days also for the blockchain gaming ecosystem as BlockPegnio (The Six Dragons) becomes an official Playstation partner. The announcement was made two hours ago in the TSD Telegram by the CEO of …

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The Six Dragons Integrate on-Chain Verified Randomness With Chainlink’s VRF

The Six Dragons VRF integration with Chainlink

The Six Dragons is a popular RPG in the Gaming Multiverse as one of the most promising games. The early gameplay shows a polished and carefully developed gaming experience with an open world bigger than Skyrim. Today the development team of TSD, BlockPegnio, announced the implementation of Chainlik’s VRF technology that ensures fairness and randomness in crucial game elements, …

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Trade The Six Dragons Items on OpenSea

The Six Dragons OpenSea

The Decentralized marketplace Opensea recently announced the support of ERC-1155 tokens and now The Six Dragons items can be traded and actioned by the community. By cooperating with OpenSea, players have one additional trusted place to buy or sell their in-game assets. Considering that players can win items by playing the game or by crafting …

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