The Six Dragons Gearing Up For JumpNet Release

The Six Dragons gearing up for jumpnet release

The moment we all have been waiting is near. On April 6th, Enjin will launch the first stage of its scaling solution called JumpNet

JumpNet will solve the Ethereum transaction issues that take time and exorbitant fees.

While I will be focusing on The Six Dragons in this article, JumpNets’ launch will mark the restart of NFT trading with items that have been locked into users’ wallets due to the ever-growing Ethereum GAS fess. 

One thing to tell for sure, April 6th is going to be a historical day.

And here comes The Six Dragons, an open-world, Single-player RPG with a billion random generated dungeons and a procedural map to explore, bigger than Skyrim.

The Six Dragons, truth be told, is an intense transaction game. Whenever you want to craft, enchant or enter a dungeon, you must deal with the blockchain. Luckily, they are all hybrid when it comes to Enjin games, meaning that the game’s core is centralized.

Tokens being send and received, non-fungible tokens, that’s around 20$ in fees per transaction and sometimes, even more. 

The Six Dragons is gearing up for the JumpNet release, as players will be able to transact with the blockchain quickly and efficiently. Trading will revive, and the play-to-earn gamers will once again reap the benefits of Multiverse gaming.

The Recent Dragons Drop

Holding an SFT is something that comes with perpetual rewards in The Six Dragons game. The cheapest SFT you can get costs 2,000 $ENJ (4,500$), and users receive premium drops from the game.

The recent Dragons drop was all about flying dragons that will be enabled in the game in a later phase. 

Available in different rarities, the Dragons will play an essential role in exploring the map and finding dungeons suitable to the crystals as it cuts-out a lot of walking. There are six dragons in total available. To find out more, you can visit the TSD marketplace.

Inside the marketplace, you will also find the Governance tokens. Owners have various perks that include yield farming of on-chain mechanics in-game, voting of proposed game developments, and of course, the Governor Status.

The Six Dragons Gearing Up For JumpNet Release
The Six Dragons Gearing Up For JumpNet Release 29

It is worth mentioning that Governance token holders will earn a percentage of on-chain transactions from other games also that use TSD’s API for a universal crafting system.

In addition to the SFT, the MFT (Multiverse Founders Token) is available in the player’s marketplace.

Each in-game item is an ERC-1155 token characterized by its limited supply, the ENJ tokens infused, and other metadata.

The Six Dragons is available for free on PC and also expected to launch on PlayStation.