The Six Dragons Governance NFT Limited Presale To Start December 5

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It’s time for another sale for the open-world RPG, The Six Dragons. The Enjin-based game is always ahead of development with 170 patch releases in the past 335 days, and the new governance system is expected to launch in the first half of 2021 for PC, and Q4 for Playstation 5.

In this limited Presale, TSD will offer most of the 1155 “The Six Dragons Governance NFT” through the Enjin Marketplace and OpenSea. The top contributors will also receive some incredible perks and some extremely limited Early Adopter dragons that won’t be reproduced again.

Each “The Six Dragons Governance NFT” will cost 1 $ETH or 4000 $ENJ, which is $585.38 at the moment. The limited will take place on Saturday 05 Dec 2020.

All the profits will go towards the game development as well as the PS5 Version.

The Six Dragons Governance NFT

Holding a TSD Governance NFT comes with multiple benefits such as Yielf Farming, Voting, and a governor status. Let’s have a more in-depth look.

Yield Farming

Earn a percentage of all on-chain mechanics such as crafting, enchanting, and off-chain to blockchain equipment trading.

With a system similar to taxes, players will see their earnings in TSDT (1:1 to Enjin) in the Ethereum wallet holding The Six Dragons Governance NFT. The particular NFT uses the ERC-1155 token standard.

Governance Voting

The holders of the TSD Governance NFT will be able to vote on multiple aspects that can alter the gameplay of The Six Dragons. 

Each token counts as one vote and the voting will vary from gameplay mechanics such as rarities and difficulties to updates prioritization.

Governor Status

All the token holders will receive the “Governor Status,” a perk that will change the name color and other elements to be announced. These players will be known as Governors in the world of TSD.

Keep in mind that if you remove the “The Six Dragons Governance NFT” from the Ethereum wallet, the governor status will be lost.

EA Dragons

Super limited Early Adopter dragons that will be used as mounts will be given to the top contributors. These EA Dragons won’t be minted again.

The top contributor will receive:

  • 1x Special Founder’s Token
  • 1x Nagaroth Dragon EA 
  • 1x Multiverse Founder’s Token

The top 2-3 will receive:

  • 1x Special Founder’s Token
  • 1x Chievron Dragon EA 
  • 1x Multiverse Founder’s Token

The top 4-10 will receive:

  • 1x Special Founder’s Token
  • 1x Nubilum Dragon EA
  • 1x Multiverse Founder’s Token

The top 11-20 will receive:

  • 1x Qiris Dragon EA
  • 1x Multiverse Founder’s Token

The top 21-50will receive:

  • 1x Deraeth Dragon EA
  • 1x Multiverse Founder’s Token

The top 51-100 will receive:

  • 1x Tentalus Dragon EA

Not long ago, TSD revealed NFT crafting on the blockchain and a few weeks later, it implemented Chainlink’s VRF technology to secure randomly generated items through crafting.

The Six Dragons hosted one of the biggest presales in blockchain gaming by raising $168,000 through loot boxes. Over 156,000 ENJ tokens used to back the digital goods that exist on the Ethereum Platform as ERC-1155 Tokens.

For more information, you can visit this article or visit the official medium announcement.

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