The Six Dragons Reveal Mind-Blowing Crafting on The Blockchain

The Six Dragons
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The Six Dragons is an open-world RPG game that managed to made many headlines in the blockchain gaming industry and everyone is eager for the game’s release! The huge open world combines endless battles, more than a billion random generated dungeons and an in-depth crafting system that creates items on the blockchain.

Whether you are looking for a fun and engaging game to play, or you aim to become a digital in-game merchant, The Six Dragons is the game for you!

With the Alpha release coming before the end of 2019 the Multiverse blockchain game “The Six Dragons” shared more information about the in-game real-time blockchain crafting and enchanting.

Craft Your Own Blockchain Items

To begin with, you have to own the recipe and some materials in order to craft an item. When you gather all the necessary materials, visit the nearest crafting station and start the process. Sync your blockchain wallet, transfer the blockchain materials to your Ethereum wallet and wait for the confirmation.

This new blockchain item goes straight to your in-game inventory as a new token with a unique ID and a supply of 1. As a result, every craftable item has its own identity. Stats are randomly assigned during the creation by a possible range of stats based on the rarity level and the item type. Even more, while you are playing you can change the characteristics of your item and increase its value.

The coolest function of the crafting system is that the name of the crafter is visible in the items stats. Therefore any player can become a blacksmith and start building a reputation around his name. This way users that don’t own a recipe but are looking for a specific item will reach out to the right person.

the six dragons alpha release
The Six Dragons Reveal Mind-Blowing Crafting on The Blockchain 29

Blockchain Enchanting

Enchanting gives to players the chance to level up their items or give them fire and thunder power. Scroll of enchants are also blockchain tokens that you must own in order to enchant your item. Each token has a specific success rate, therefore, there is always the possibility for your item to break. Only legendary blessed enchant scroll has a 100% success rate.

Why The Six Dragons

Blockchain is revolutionizing gaming, we all know that, but The Six Dragons take your gaming experience to the next level. Get ready to fight epic battles and get rewarded for your time spent in the game.

Gaming is fun, we all spend endless hours playing video games without even thinking of getting rewarded, only well-known streamers make some bucks out of gaming but this now changes. TSD offers countless possibilities to every player, craft your own items, earn in-game assets while playing and feel free to play with them or sell them in any supported decentralized marketplace.