The Six Dragons: PS5, DeFi, Yield Farming


BlockPegnio, the company behind the Enjin based Multiverse game The Six Dragons, announced their plans to implement governance NFTs and enable DeFi/Yield Farming by using the Enjin’s technology.

BlockPegnio has already secured a partnership with PlayStation and will launch a PlayStation 5 version of The Six Dragons in Q4 2021. By developing a PS5 version that will also feature PVP battles, BlockPegnio plans to attract mainstream players, streamers, and esports professionals.

TSD has a playable PC version featuring an expansive environment in a 256 km2 open world and over a billion random generated dungeons. the game is accessible by regular gamers without any blockchain knowledge and the classic RPG features make it ideal for all hardcore RPG lovers. That way, the game can attract various users that will learn about blockchain gaming and NFT’s in the process. 

Not long ago, TSD revealed NFT crafting on the blockchain and a few weeks later, it implemented Chainlink’s VRF technology to secure randomly generated items through crafting.

The Six Dragons hosted one of the biggest presales in blockchain gaming by raising $168,000 through loot boxes. Over 156,000 ENJ tokens used to back the digital goods that exist on the Ethereum Platform as ERC-1155 Tokens.

About The Governance NFT’s

The Six Dragons feature in-game trading and crafting mechanics where each transaction takes place on the Ethereum blockchain with Enjin’s smart contracts. BlockPegnio will use Enjin’s tools to mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs), apply governance logic to them, and sell them through the Enjin Marketplace.

Governance NFT owners will have various benefits, including Yield Farming to earn fees from the on-chain mechanics, Voting Power to participate in critical decisions about changes in the gameplay and the development, and a Governor Status.

The Governance NFTs will allow players to earn a percentage of all on-chain mechanics of TSD like enchanting, crafting, and off-chain to blockchain equipment trading.

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